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Why Fans Are Speculating That Miley Cyrus Has Released An Album Under Another Name

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Miley Cyrus, Clara Pierce

Miley Cyrus fans are becoming convinced that the singer may have pulled another Hannah Montana.

Following the release of Cyrus' ninth studio album 'Endless Summer Vacation,' fans noticed that on the same day, March 10, a verified artist under the moniker Clara Pierce, who at the time of the release only had 244 listeners on Spotify, also released a 12-track album titled 'Down With Me.'

Though the album has since been removed from various streaming platforms, it hasn't stopped people from speculating about the possibility that both Cyrus and Pierce may be the same person, especially after many eagle-eyed fans pointed out how similar their voices sounded.

Is Clara Pierce secretly Miley Cyrus?

Fans speculate that Miley Cyrus has released music under an alter ego named Clara Pierce.

Despite fan speculation, Cyrus has yet to confirm or deny secretly being Clara Pierce, however, that hasn't stopped people from pointing out all of the evidence to support their theory.

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Clara Pierce's identity is unknown but there are several clues tying her to Miley Cyrus.

In a video, TikTok user Ashley Kritz pointed out that several of the songs featured on Pierce's album have subtle hints to Cyrus' personal life and some of her own songs that she has previously released. For example, on Pierce's album, she has a song titled 'See You Again,' which is the same title as the same song Cyrus released in 2007 on her debut album, 'Meet Miley Cyrus.'



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Another example was the song 'Sagittarius' featured on Pierce's album, which is Cyrus' zodiac sign and even contained the lyrics, "Miley, what's good now?" — which seems to be in reference to the infamous reference Nicki Minaj made toward Cyrus during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

With a deeper dive into Pierce's album, fans noticed that the singer had a song titled 'Without You,' which is the title of Cyrus's 2021 collaboration with The Kid Laroi. 

In the song 'Sagittarius,' Pierce also makes a reference to Cyrus' short, blonde hair the singer had in 2013 after the release of her album 'Bangerz.' Kritz also noted that Clara Pierce's pseudonym sounds extremely similar to Sasha Fierce, which is Beyoncé's famous alter ego.

At the end of Kritz's video, she also plays a snippet from Pierce's album, and her voice does sound extremely similar to Cyrus's, which has only further heightened the speculation.

In another video, TikTok user Ray explained that while listening to 'Down With Me' on Apple Music, one of the "similar artists" that were suggested for listeners to check out was Cyrus herself.

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Fans believe that Pierce's album was originally meant to be released by Cyrus.

Many of the clues that have circulated online lead many fans to believe that Cyrus may have intentionally set everything up and leaked the album as a way for people to discover it. Other fans theorize that 'Down With Me' was actually meant to be Cyrus scrapped seventh studio album, 'She Is Miley Cyrus.'

The album was originally meant to be released in 2020, and Cyrus even began working on the project shortly after releasing 'Younger Now,' in September 2017. However, the project was eventually scrapped altogether for Cyrus' rock-inspired album, 'Plastic Hearts.'

Additionally many of the leaked tracks from 'She Is Miley Cyrus,' have now appeared on Pierce's album, including 'Not My Vibe,' and 'Sagittarius.' 

Before Pierce's entire music catalog was scrubbed from streaming platforms, many of her singles dated back to December 2021, which means Cyrus may have been pulling another Hannah Montana moment for a few years now.

However, other fans aren't entirely convinced, with some speculating that it's just an AI impersonating Cyrus' voice. "Someone made an account with a random name and photo that had access to her unreleased demos and illegally uploaded them," wrote one TikTok user in the comments section of Kritz's video.

If anything, fans are just hoping that all this speculation leads to Cyrus eventually confirming that she is coming out with another Hannah Montana alter ego!

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