Boyfriend Explains The Sweet Reason He Tracks His Girlfriend’s Cycle & Studies Her Love Languages

"I take my role in her journey seriously."

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Anyone who experiences a menstrual cycle knows that it can be a particularly vulnerable time where you will encounter an array of emotions and feelings, including discomfort, irritability, anxiousness, and depression. 

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for someone who is menstruating is to offer them compassion, security, and empathy. One man is sharing how he supports his girlfriend during her menstrual cycle, and other women are thanking him for his understanding and efforts. 


The man tracks his girlfriend’s cycle to be more conscious and attentive to her needs during that time. 

A man named Bobby (@itsbobbyop) may have just won the Boyfriend of the Year award after he revealed the measures he takes to track his girlfriend’s period and the reasoning behind it. “I track her cycle because her energy is contingent on which phase she is in,” Bobby said in a TikTok video that has received over 500,000 views. 



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Just before women begin menstruating or during menstruation, fluctuations of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for modulating moods, can occur. Sometimes, serotonin levels can decrease to levels much lower than usual, resulting in mood swings for some women.

It is essential that those around her are aware that she may experience mood changes throughout her cycle, and try their best to be considerate of that. This is exactly what Bobby is doing, and does everything in his power to make his girlfriend feel secure and loved while she is going through her menstrual cycle.

“I study her love languages so I can help her feel secure,” he explained. “She deserves so much more than what she’s been given in past relationships.” He also understands his girlfriend’s “attachment style,” which is characterized by different ways of interacting and behaving in relationships.

If at any point during his girlfriend’s menstrual cycle, Bobby is feeling irritable at all, he makes sure to communicate his feelings with his girlfriend so that she does not suspect that he is upset with her.


“I communicate with her what I’m feeling so she never has to wonder if she is the reason for my unrest,” he said. “I practice both nurturing and protecting her energy because that s-–t’s sacred.”

In addition to tracking his girlfriend’s cycle, Bobby has also “mapped out her childhood” so he fully understands her “traumas” and “triggers.”

“I take my role in her journey seriously. I’ve studied the hell out of her and, through my studies, I’ve unraveled and made sense of the beautiful mystery she once was to me. Nobody gets to solve her puzzle like I do,” Bobby said. “As her man, I am responsible for the safety of each piece.”

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Bobby added that their relationship goes much deeper than romance, and there are so many other aspects that he and his girlfriend focus on. “I’m not a ‘pick me.’ I’m a ‘thank you for choosing me today,’” he added. “That girl’s been through too much bulls-–t to ever entertain playing the game.”

Other TikTok users, notably those who experience a menstrual cycle, praised Bobby’s efforts.

“Everyone deserves this. No matter the gender. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece,” one user commented. “This is the kind of partner we should all strive to be. Much love and respect!” another user wrote.

“Not many men like this exist. I am extremely blessed to have one now. It's an unexplainable kind of love,” another user shared.

Other users pointed out that Bobby’s treatment of his girlfriend deserves to be reciprocated in order for the relationship to work. Although he does not experience a menstrual cycle himself, he shares in the comments section that his girlfriend does in fact “hold the same space” for him as he does for her.


There are various ways that partners can demonstrate their support and compassion while their partner is menstruating. While it is important to have patience and empathy toward them, it also doesn’t hurt to have useful supplies on hand, including painkillers, snacks, and blankets.

Even just a simple hug or compliment goes a long way. It is the efforts that depict a partner’s care and dedication when the other is feeling vulnerable that are significant in a relationship.

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