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Woman Refuses To Cook Dinner After Her Boyfriend Ate Her Food & Told Her To Eat The Leftovers From Their Children's Plates

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After a woman prepared dinner for her family, she decided to wait a bit before serving herself some. However, when she was finally ready to eat, she discovered that her boyfriend had already helped himself to her meal and that there was no food left for her. When the frustrated woman expressed this to her boyfriend, he responded by telling her to eat the scraps from their children’s plates instead. 

After retaliating, she wonders if she is in the wrong. 

The woman decided to stop cooking dinner for her family each night. 

Sharing her story to the subreddit, r/AmITheA–hole, the woman revealed that she is a stay-at-home mom who spends most of her day looking after all of the household chores and taking care of her three children.  Each evening at 5 PM, the woman always makes sure to have dinner on the table for her family when her boyfriend comes home from work since she is aware that he is “always starving from working hard and providing for our family.” 

Since she is busy preparing the food, serving the children, and cleaning up afterward, she is often the last one to sit down and have her own dinner. 

One evening, the woman spent hours preparing a dinner consisting of some of her favorite Chinese dishes. After her boyfriend and the children were given their plates, the woman took medication to settle her stomach and decided to rest for a bit until eating. 

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“I made my boyfriend’s plate stacked with rice and plenty of egg rolls. When he got his plate he immediately asked if there was enough for seconds,” the woman wrote. “I explained to him that I hadn’t eaten yet and that there may be some left over after I served myself up a plate.” 

“I sat down on the couch and conversed with my boyfriend about his day,” she added. “I watched as he polished off his food. He got up to take his plate to the kitchen and came back chewing.” 

The woman initially believed that her boyfriend was eating leftovers from their children’s plates. After her medication kicked in, she went into the kitchen to fix herself a plate. “I go in the kitchen and all of my egg rolls are gone,” the woman wrote. 

It was then she realized that her boyfriend had eaten her food. “I was immediately upset,” she shared. “I told him I hadn’t eaten and told him not to touch the food until after I ate.” 

When the woman confronted her boyfriend, he suggested that she “eat food off the kids’ plates” to satisfy her appetite. 

“I cooked and served everyone and this is how I’m treated,” she vented. “He then offered to make me more and I declined as these are not store-bought ready-made egg rolls these are from scratch rolled up and then fried egg rolls.” 

After the woman went to bed hungry, she decided to retaliate against her boyfriend by refusing to cook dinner from here on out. Her boyfriend has still yet to apologize. However, she is now asking if she is wrong for neglecting her usual household duties to express her anger. 

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Most Redditors agreed with the woman, believing that her boyfriend acted selfishly and greedily. 

“He knew exactly what he was doing and he prioritized his greed over your need. Not okay under any circumstances, that was disgusting,” one user commented of the woman’s boyfriend. 

“He knew there were no more egg rolls and given he is your boyfriend, he might be aware you really like the rolls and ate them anyway,” another user pointed out. 

“You work hard and take care of your family -- three kids! -- and you deserve food just as much as your boyfriend does. The idea that you get only what he and the kids don't eat belongs in the last century,” another user wrote. 

Others believed that the woman should stop cooking for her family indefinitely, and only fix a plate for herself and hide it out of sight from her boyfriend while he takes over dinner duties from now on. Others encouraged her to leave him. 

As a society, we often forget how much work goes into being a stay-at-home parent.

They are usually the ones who keep the household running and put their own needs last to ensure that their families are well taken care of. 

Even if one partner works outside of the home all day, it is important to check in with the one who stays at home and holds the fort down, including making sure that they too, are fed and cared for, considering that they are most likely the ones preparing the meals in the first place. 

If this woman's boyfriend expects a hot meal after he comes home from work, he should guarantee that his girlfriend and the mother of his chilren also gets to enjoy it. 

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