Style Savvy Amazon Delivery Driver Sends Teen Boy Off To Homecoming Looking Picture Perfect

The delivery driver noticed that something was off about the teen boy's outfit and decided to step in.

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After noticing a teenage boy's outfit for his school dance, a Chicago Amazon delivery driver decided to step in and help him get picture-ready for his special day. 

Eligha Bryant, 42, had been in the neighborhood dropping off a package to the family's home when he noticed the teen, Luke Breier, heading off to his school dance, but was having a little problem with his outfit.

The delivery driver helped the teen fix his tie before sending him off to his homecoming dance.

On October 7, 2023, Bryant had stopped by Breier's house to drop off a package when he noticed the teenage boy and his family and friends were standing outside taking pre-dance photos before Breier headed to the homecoming festivities at Marist High School.


However, while trying to take photos, Breier told FOX 32 Chicago that his tie just didn't look right. "My dad just did it, it was still kinda long," admitted Breier. 

Upon noticing the poorly executed knot, Bryant immediately stepped in to help. Family members stood around smiling and laughing as he hyped the teenager up and made sure his tie was tidy and in place, customizing the tie so that it fit Breier's exact height and sending him off to the dance in style.

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"He looked at my outfit, I think he said, ‘Your tie looks wrong. Let me redo your tie.’ [And] redid the tie," Breier continued, while his dad, Eric, added, "He did a better job than I ever could. As you can see, I have no style."

Bryant, a father of three sons and five girls, said he was only passing along knowledge he had learned back when he was a teenager himself. An avid churchgoer since his youth, Bryant often dressed up in nice suits and attended with his mother, father, and godparents.

"He was clean. He reminded me of myself when I was coming up. That’s how I used to dress," Bryant said. In a video of the exchange shared online, Bryant can be heard telling Breier: "You’re killing the game, young man." 

Due to Bryant's childhood spent wearing suits, he was able to learn to knot a tie from the age of 10. "All the brothers around me showed me how to,” he said. When he saw Breier struggling with his tie, Bryant felt like he should pass along his knowledge and help someone out.


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After the story went viral, Bryant explained that he was shocked at the praise for his kindness.

After Bryant's story was covered by FOX 32 Chicago, the 42-year-old delivery driver learned about it after his older sister called him to tell him about it. "I didn't believe it at first but then I had other people calling me,” he said, according to USA Today. “It made me feel good."

Breier's mother, Nicole, also offered praise for Bryant's act of kindness, explaining that in a time when people are incredibly divided, moments like this are able to restore her faith in humanity. 

"We live here in Chicago where racial tension is so high, especially in our neighborhood, which is known to be super racist,” she said. “It was just great to see two people reacting to each other regardless of color and that's the part that just really makes me happy.”


In addition to the suit Breier wore for homecoming, the teen also put on a flashy watch and Burberry cologne, which Bryant loved. When he saw Breier's completed homecoming outfit, Bryant had nothing but good things to say. “You got it,” he said. “You’re all the way clean. You’re all the way fresh.”

In the overall narrative of life, Bryant and Breier's story teaches us that compassion is a universal language. Through the seemingly mundane act of fixing a tie, Bryant became a symbol of the positive change that can be sparked by one person's willingness to uplift another.

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