Missing 14-Year-Olds Jade Inniss & Izzy Kring Suspected To Be With 25-Year-Old Boyfriend

Families are concerned about the Arizona teens.

Jade Inniss & Izzy Kring

Isabelle Kring and Jade Inniss have been missing since they were last scene on Monday, November 22nd in Arizona.

Now, their families are asking the public for help with any information that might lead the Oro Valley Police Department to the missing teens.

What happened to Izzy Kring and Jade Inniss?

Kring and Inniss seem to have gone missing without a trace, making it difficult for authorities to track down their location.


Reportedly, Kring’s friends have said that, on the day of her and Inniss's disappearance, Kring was going to get picked up from school by her boyfriend.

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After school on November 22nd, the girls never made it home or even to their school bus.

Police believed that the girls had run away from home of their own volition and were treating the case accordingly. However, evidence and rumors have since begun to surface that suggests a more sinister series of events.

The two have reportedly been friends for months and had been dealing with some struggles with mental health which may have contributed to their disappearance.


Who is Izzy Kring’s boyfriend?

Little is known about the boyfriend that Kring’s friends say was supposed to pick her up, but what is known has people concerned.

Reportedly, the boyfriend that was going to pick up Kring from school was a 25-year-old man from Connecticut. Kring is 14-years-old.

He seems to be unfamiliar to her family and has not been publicly named. 

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Missing person’s posters of the girls now feature a line at the bottom that says, “believed to have been picked up by an unknown male.”


Izzy Kring's phone has been found.

While searching for the girls, Kring’s cellphone was located in a trashcan at the school.

The phone was found destroyed, with its sim card missing. Inniss’s phone is still missing at this time.

Both Isabelle Kring’s and Jade Inniss’s families have been outspoken on the girls’ disappearance.

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Members of both families have said that they don’t believe that it makes sense for the girls to have run off on their own and that they believe that someone else is involved.

Inness and Kring's families are worried the girls are in danger. 

Jade Inness’s aunt, Elizabeth Jimenez-Vasquez said the following of her niece, “This is a very unusual time for her to take off… If she were going to do it, it would not be this time she loves this time of the year.”


Isabelle Kring’s mother, Lesley Kring expressed a similar sentiment about the disappearance, saying, “We don't feel that Izzy is in control of whatever situation that's she's in... She left the house with no money. She has no access to money.”

Lesley Kring also said that the girls lack any form of identification and couldn’t have vanished like this without another adult’s involvement.

The internet is abuzz searching for any evidence of the girls’ whereabouts and authorities are encouraging anyone who has any information pertaining to the case to step forward and to help bring these girls home.


In an emotional interview, Lesley Kring recounted the last time that she had seen her daughter before she disappeared, saying, “On Monday morning I was in the field and when I go into the field I wear scrubs and she usually French braids my hair. She French braided my hair and said, have a nice day mom, I love you and I haven't heard from her since.”

She also described how the disappearance was affect her, “the pain that you feel when you don’t know where your kid is… it’s unlike anything I’ve ever had to go through.”

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