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Video Captures Mom Stuffing Her 5-Year-Old Son Into The Trunk Of Her Car

Photo: YouTube
Mom Putting Son Into Trunk Of Her Car

It’s well known that human begins are capable of doing horrible things, stealing, abuse, even murder, but somehow, it’s made even worse, when these people have the gall not to even hide their deeds, instead, committing them out in broad daylight.

One Colorado woman was shocked to see a child being abused by his mother out in broad daylight.

Colorado mother, Chelsea Trujillo, was filmed putting her 5-year-old son into the trunk of her car.

It is unknown exactly what happened leading up to the start of the video but the video begins with 33-year-old Chelsea Trujillo stuffing her 5-year-old child into the trunk of her car.

Trujillo can be heard screaming at her child, “Get in there, before I f*** you up!” before closing the trunk with the child inside.

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The bystander who filmed the abuse stepped in and demanded that the child be let out of the trunk.

Trujillo looks surprised as she hears the woman holding the camera start yelling at her after she closed the trunk. The bystander can be heard saying, “Dude, you can’t f***ing put that kid in the f***ing trunk.”

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Trujillo takes a moment to respond before trying to brush the bystander off, turning away and saying, “Yeah, I can.”

The bystander continued to film and demand that the child be let out of the car’s trunk, fearing for his safety.

The situation continued to escalate until the child was released from the trunk.

The angry mother tried to justify her actions to the bystander by saying, “OK, listen … you don’t know my child,” but the bystander was not having it. 

Trujillo’s child continued to cry after he was released from the trunk while his mother and the bystander continued their screaming match.

Trujillo was later arrested and an investigation is underway.

Trujillo was arrested and charged with child abuse in August 2021 following the incident.

Trujillo’s 5-year-old child was handed over to child welfare officials. Pueblo Police Sergeant Franklin Ortega said of the video, “Obviously, I think anybody who looks at that video would be concerned about the welfare of that little boy. We saw what you saw in the video, but we need to look at the whole thing, that’s why detectives are involved.”

The bystander who took the video, despite not wanting to be interviewed, is being called a hero.

One local, who knew Trujillo, said of the bystander who took the video, “I’m glad she did that because some people wouldn’t even do that. She stuck up for the little boy and I’m happy she did that.”

The same local also spoke about Trujillo, saying, "You could just see, she wasn't a nice person."

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