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Police Search For Woman After Newborn Baby’s Remains Are Found In A McDonald’s Bathroom

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Person of interest in Arizona case

Police have released images of a suspect believed to have information regarding the death of a newborn baby.

Phoenix police responded to a call at a McDonald’s at 2:00 pm on March 27, 2022, and came upon a scene that was truly the stuff of nightmares.

Phoenix police found the remains of a baby in the bathroom of a McDonald’s.

Shortly after police found the body of the infant, the child was pronounced dead at the scene. Now police and the public want to know who could have been responsible for the death of the infant.

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While looking for any persons of interest or suspects, police discovered that the fast-food restaurant’s security camera might provide some clue.

Police have shared a security camera video of a person of interest in the case.

The video shows a woman who police believe may be connected to the dead infant that was found in the McDonald’s bathroom.

The video shows the woman walking through the mostly empty McDonald’s and trying to door to leave the building when she finds that it’s locked. The woman then turns and walks toward the camera back into the building, giving police and the public a clear look at her.

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In the video, the woman is wearing a black Calvin Klein shirt, black pants, and sneakers and seems to have a calm demeanor. The woman in the video then seems to return to the door and exit the restaurant.

Police are looking for the woman in the security camera video and are asking for the public's help.

As it stands, the woman in the security video is the only person of interest in the case and police are asking for witnesses that might have seen her to come forward and share any information that might help police in locating her.

It is unknown what, if any, connection the woman might have to the dead infant, but some are speculating that she might have left the dead child there.

The infant’s autopsy results are still pending.

If anyone has any information that might help narrow down the cause of the child’s death or the location of the woman, they are encouraged to contact Phoenix investigators.

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