Man Arrested For Murder Of Mom Found In Duffle Bag Reportedly Knew Where To Find Her Spare Key

There are so many questions and so few answers.

Orsolya Gaal and a still image from surveillance video. Twitter

A man has been taken into custody in connection with the fatal stabbing of Orsoyla Gaal, a mother found dead near her home in Queens, New York.

On April 16, 51-year-old Orsolya Gaal found dead in a duffle bag was stabbed nearly 60 times.

The man, also based in Queens, is 44-year-old David Bonola and is believed to have known the victim.

David Bonola has been arrested for the murder of Orsolya Gaal.

Bonola was charged with murder, criminal tampering and possession of a weapon.


Police identified Bonola and were in his neighborhood to pick him up when he reportedly walked up to the officers and said, "I hear you are looking for me."

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He has allegedly made a full confession.

Orsolya Gaal knew David Bonola as a handyman who did work on her home.

It is believed that Bonola knew where to find the spare key in Gaal's home, enabling him to enter and murder the mom of two while her younger son was upstairs.

Investigators are still looking into the full extent of Bonola and Gaal's relationship amid reports that the two were former lovers.


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On Saturday morning at around 8 a.m., a man found Gaal's body stuffed inside a duffel bag on a popular walking path on the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and Forest Park Drive.

When police began looking for any clues, they found a blood trail leading away from the body that led to Gaal’s house, less than half a mile from where her body was discovered.

Orsolya Gaal's son was initially taken in for questioning.

At Gaal's home, police spoke to her 13-year-old son and learned that  Gaal’s husband was out of state with the couple’s 17-year-old son to look at colleges in Portland. 


Despite being a ‘person of interest’ in the case, Gaal’s younger son was later released to an unspecified adult guardian.

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Orsolya Gaal's suspected murderer allegedly texted her husband after the killing.

According to reports, Klein received a text from the alleged killer, saying, “Your whole family is next.”


It is believed that Gaal went out to meet with some girlfriends but may have returned home with a man at around 11 pm who allegedly killed her in her basement before disposing of her body.

There were no signs of forced entry at her home.

Her son is reported to have been upstairs when the murder took place and was unaware of what happened.


Additionally, police obtained a surveillance video from the night Gaal disappeared that appears to show the bag that Gaal’s body was later found in being dragged down a sidewalk near her home.

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