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Suspect Who Allegedly ‘Bought’ 5-Year-Old From Her Mom Pleads Not Guilty To Murder, Claims He’s ‘Insane’

Photo: Facebook / Russell County Sheriff's Office / Columbus Police Department
Kamarie Holland, Kristy Siple, Jeremy Williams

An Alabama man accused of killing Kamarie Holland in December 2021 has pleaded not guilty, claiming he is criminally insane.

Jeremy Williams, 37, is charged with capital murder in the course of a kidnapping, capital murder in the course of rape, capital murder in the course of sodomy, corpse abuse and producing child pornography.

The suspect in Kamarie Holland’s murder will undergo psychiatric evaluation. 

If a jury agrees to this plea, Williams will be sent to an institution for the criminally insane. If he is found guilty he could face the death penalty.

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Kamarie Holland’s mother is also facing charges.

35-year-old Kristy Marie Siple, also known as Kristy Hoskins, has been indicted on felony murder and human trafficking.

Siple first reported her 5-year-old daughter missing from her home in Columbus, Georgia on December 13.

At the time, she told authorities that she had woken to find Kamarie gone and her front door left open.

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Williams was quickly identified as a suspect. Authorities previously said that he and Siple knew each other. 

On December 14, Williams was located at the Bamboo Motel on Opelika Road in Phenix City, Alabama. 

Authorities also tracked down another address associated with Williams in the area. This is where Kamarie’s body was found.

Charging documents against Williams state the child died of asphyxiation from a ligature.

An indictment against Williams states that he “recorded himself raping and sodomizing” Kamarie after her death.

Kamarie Holland’s mother is accused of ‘selling’ her daughter to Williams.

Williams paid Siple for sex with Kamarie and Siple knowingly provided her daughter in exchange for “sexual servitude,” an arrest warrant states.

“She did agree with another person to pay her for having sexual intercourse and sodomy with her minor daughter,’’ the document states.

Kamarie Holland’s father, Corey Holland, had custody of her at the time of her death.

Kamarie was visiting Siple, who was not supposed to have access to her daughter and son without supervision. 

Corey Holland says Siple, who has a history of drug abuse, only had the kids less than 24 hours before Kamarie was taken.

He has since fought to regain custody of his son and has said the ordeal has been emotionally taxing but he is grateful that the case was successfully moved to Alabama where a harsher sentence could be handed down.

“You reap what you sow,” said Holland regarding his daughter’s alleged killer.

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