Idaho College Students' 9 Calls To Ex-Boyfriend May Reveal Key Details About Perpetrator

What does it all mean?

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As true crime sleuths scramble to piece together the murders of four University of Idaho students on November 13, 2022, a victim's family has been forced to defend Jack DuCoeur — the ex-boyfriend of one of the deceased students.

Victims Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and her boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, 20, were stabbed multiple times inside a home in Moscow, Idaho.

Two surviving roommates appear to have been unaware of the killings until the following morning.


The case remains unsolved with Moscow Police Department sharing regular updates as those following the case continue to grow impatient.

According to Cathy Mabbutt, the Latah County coroner, the victims were likely asleep when the stabbings occurred and there was no sign of sexual assault. 

Although Moscow Police Chief James Fry has continuously announced that there are no suspects in the case, people have already vilified Jack DuCoeur online, the ex-boyfriend of murder victim Kaylee Goncalves.

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Theories claim the Idaho students’ 9 calls to Jack DuCoeur may reveal details about the killer.

“Police said multiple calls were made to the cellphone of a victim's ex-boyfriend, ending at 2:52 a.m. Police do not believe the ex-boyfriend is a suspect,” reported CBS News. “The timing of those calls places the murders sometime after 3 a.m.”


People online believe it suspicious that two of the victims called DuCoeur repeatedly throughout the night, but police claim that DuCoeur isn’t a suspect.

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“Why did Kaylee & Maddie call Jack 9 times after 2:30 a.m.,” reads the title of a post that mentions Goncalves’s sister on the subreddit “r/MoscowMurders” — a forum dedicated to conversations about the tragic incident.


A report by Inside Edition reveals that Goncalves’s sister, Alivea Goncalves, was actually the one who discovered that the calls were made out to her ex-boyfriend DuCoeur.

"Kaylee calls Jack six times between 2.26 am and 2.44 am," Goncalves said. "From 2.44 to 2.52 Maddie calls Jack three times, then Kaylee makes a final call to him at 2.52 am."

She also announced her dissatisfaction with the police and their handling of the investigation, claiming that she’s taken matters into her own hands.

“We are not getting any answers and we are not going to settle for that,” she says.

Online, people have touted her bravery and asked many of the same questions, implying that these calls implicate DuCoeur in some way.


However, Kaylee Goncalves’s family has repeatedly defended DuCoeur.

The New York Times reported that Alivea said their family “stand behind Jack 100 percent and know he absolutely had nothing to do with this at all.”

She also claimed that it was completely normal for Kaylee to call people late at night, “and often kept calling until they picked up — even if it was just to ask a mundane question like what she ought to have for a meal,” the New York Times reported.

Their staunch defense of DuCoeur has not deterred people online as they continue to ask questions.

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Photos from November 22, 2022, show that Kaylee’s dog, Murphy, has been handed over to DuCoeur.

On Monday, November 21, 2022, police announced that they had “located a dog at the residence” after the murders occurred.

Photos uploaded by the New York Post online reveal that Kaylee’s ex-boyfriend was now taking care of it.

Alivea told the New York Times early on that the pair shared a dog together, raising even more questions online about why the dog was spared or how the barking didn’t wake anyone from the home.

A video on TikTok asking these questions sparked a discussion about what it could all mean.



“The dog knew the person,” one comment read.


“Wouldn’t the barking wake the other roommates? Unless the dog was given something to entertain him by someone he knows,” read another.

However, not all comments were suspicious about it as a third user wrote “People realize that some dogs don’t bark even if there’s a stranger right?”

The case is an ongoing joint investigation between the Moscow Police Department and the FBI.


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