Father Accused Of ‘Grooming’ 16-Year-Old Niece & Kidnapping Son In Custody After Kids Were Found

They were found safe.

Amber, Noah Clare, Jacob Clare Facebook

Noah and Amber Clare have been found safe after going missing from their Kentucky homes over a week ago.

The 3-year-old boy and his 16-year-old cousin were believed to have been kidnapped by Jacob Clare, Noah’s father and Amber’s uncle.

Noah and Amber Clare were found in California. 

Jacob Clare is also in custody after all three were located just outside of San Clemente.

Investigators believe Jacob left Kentucky with Amber either late Friday, November 5, or early Saturday, November 6, to drop off the 3-year-old, but they never arrived at his home in Gallatin.


Law enforcement found Jacob Clare’s Subaru Legacy.

Jacob had bought the vehicle on Facebook marketplace days before the alleged kidnappings. 

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Then, on November 7, instead of dropping his son with the child’s mother, the license plate of the car was spotted in Arizona.

On November 11, surveillance photos captured Jacob, Amber and Noah in California. Two days later their car was impounded from a San Clemente parking lot.

Photos show Jacob Clare, 35, wearing a large backpack alongside his niece, Amber, and his son, Noah. Amber can also be seen wearing a large backpack in the photo.


These images were the first confirmation that Amber was with Jacob, aside from speculation from her family who were aware of an allegedly inappropriate relationship between the two. 

Law enforcement were notified that the vehicle had been found. 


The vehicle had stickers removed and was full of food supplies, like ready-to-eat meals, clothing and other items.

Jacob Clare has been accused of ‘grooming’ Amber Clare.

A family friend first shared the allegation in a viral social media video but Amber’s mother has since echoed the claims.

Jamie Bratava said she initially discovered Amber was missing on Nov. 5 after finding a note in her room.

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"When I woke up she was gone. She left a note with her sister saying she was going on a grand adventure," said Bravata.

"We found evidence of him grooming her which is why we believe she went with him," she continued, in reference to Jacob.


Jacob Clare allegedly sent inappropriate texts to Amber.

"We had broke contact between Jake and Amber back in June for text messages we found that were not appropriate," Bravata claims.

Bravata has five children. One of her other daughters showed her the messages Amber and Jacob were allegedly sending each other through social media.  

"He was not allowed around our children anymore," Bravata added. "He was not welcome at our house. [We were] trying to tell him if you try to talk to our kids we will call the cops on you."


In a move that has been criticized by a family friend, Amber was initially declared a runaway. However, authorities later declared the 16-year-old an endangered child. 

Jacob Clare is reportedly facing kidnapping charges for both kids.

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