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Two 12-Year-Olds Lured Girl To Sleepover To 'Mentally & Physically Torture' Her, Police Say

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A disturbing incident occurred in Logansport, Indiana this Friday when a 12-year-old girl was reportedly beaten and viscously assaulted for hours at a sleepover.

Two other 12-year-old girls have been arrested in this incident as the Logansport Police e Department investigate.

The 12-year-old girl was lured to a sleepover, where she was beaten and tortured.

The Logansport Police Department say they received a call around 7:30 Saturday about a “battered” juvenile.

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LPD Sergeant Dan Frye spoke to FOX59 about the case, emphasizing that injuries and allegations surrounding this case are “severe.”

He said, “What the juveniles have been arrested for at this point are different charges related to battery, and anything that you could look at that goes along with that.”

And the police department seem to have some evidence to support these claims, as Frye alludes to “heart wrenching” videos regarding the incident, which the victim’s family speaks more in depth on as well.

The timeline of the alleged events tells a horrific story.

The victim, according to her family members, was invited to what she thought was a sleepover with friends on Friday night.

Instead, it seemed that the 12-year-old girl walked into a nightmare.

The victim’s aunt, Renita Contreras, told local reporters that “she was tortured, beaten, confined. Two juvenile females sat on top of her for two hours so she could not breathe, they burned her with cigarette lighters.”

Also, part of the victim’s head had reportedly been shaved at some point during the sleepover, and her face was cut up by something sharp.

These allegations go beyond bullying, but much of the details are being kept private.

Family, friends, and police alike are horrified at the serious allegations and trauma that the victim went through.

The police say that this incident was more than bullying, and the victim’s mother agrees, telling local news, “They didn’t bully her. They tortured her.”

However, due to the young ages of the victim and suspects alike and the sensitive nature of the allegations, the LPD is not releasing all the information on the case and is not confirming some specific details about the event.

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Sgt. Frye comments on the sensitive nature of the case, saying, “Those are not enjoyable calls for anyone in law enforcement and this one in particular goes to the extreme with the alleged suspects being juveniles as well. More times than not we deal with adults victimizing juveniles and this one was a little bit different.”

Reportedly, the incident was recorded and shared online.

Meanwhile, some of these details that the police are keeping confidential may be corroborated by a video of the victim’s traumatic experience that had reportedly been posted online.

While the victim’s family is heartbroken to see the young girl’s pain be broadcasted online, it could give them more evidence to press charges against the suspects in custody.

According to the victim’s family, the video is horrifying to see, and Contreras shared that her niece “looked like she was laying there dead.”

Local news claims that part of the video shows the victim laying on the ground with blood across her face.

While the police continue to investigate, they have already begun taking legal action.

While it is unclear how incriminating this video is to the LPD’s two suspects, they have already placed charges against one of the arrested juveniles.

She faces charges of the juvenile equivalent of three felonies: criminal confinement resulting in serious bodily injury, intimidation with a deadly weapon, and battery resulting in serious bodily injury.

There is no further word on the case against the second juvenile allegedly involved, but the LPD stress that they are continuing to investigate each day and build their case to get the young girl justice.

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