7 Relieving Signs You Work For A Safe Employer Who Has Your Best Interests At Heart

If you're unsure about your boss, these seven green flags say it all.

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Many of us have had the experience of having an employer who's a Jekyll & Hyde — they seem like the dream boss at the start but quickly turn out to be … well, not so much.

Career expert and Instagrammer Whitney Living said there are seven signs that clear up what kind of employer you're currently working for. If they have these green flags, you can rest easy — you're in good hands.

The 7 signs you work for a safe employer who genuinely has your best interests at heart:

By all accounts, the employee-employer relationship is not going so great in America at the moment. A 2023 Gallup poll found that just 1 in 4 American workers feels like their employer actually cares about their well-being — a steep decline since just a few years ago, in the worst days of 2020.


But unless things at the office are truly toxic and awful, it can be a challenge sometimes to discern just how much you can trust your boss and employer. "We all want to work for safe people," Whitney Living wrote. "But what does that actually mean?" She said it all comes down to these seven things.


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1. Their actions match their words

Living said it all comes down to walking the walk. Safe bosses "do what they say they're going to do," keep their promises and are dependable. And when they mess up? They "own up to their shortcomings."

In short, they're "predictable," in Living's words. That consistency can make all the difference.

2. They don't devalue you

This is a no-brainer, of course: If your employer drags you down, they're a no-go. But what does that look like?

Living said bosses like this will "minimize your efforts" and "deny your reality." Gaslighting, anyone?


But a safe boss, by contrast, is "thankful for your contributions," appreciative of your efforts, and respectful of your boundaries.

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3. They are quick to apologize

This is frankly a green flag for all people, not just bosses. Living said "safe bosses" are not only quick to "make it right" when they make mistakes, but they also grow from them and appreciate the learning opportunities they present.

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Basically, they're focused more on the greater good of their staff and business than being right — which is an example we can all learn from.


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4. They are enjoyable to be around

Makes sense, right? If you enjoy someone's company, they're typically a good guy or gal.

But even if you're not necessarily buddy-buddy with your boss (and honestly, you probably shouldn't be), Living said there's a lot to be said for leaders who don't take themselves too seriously and who don't treat mistakes like they're the end of the world. A lighter touch goes a long way.

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5. They regulate their emotions

If your boss flies off the handle? Tread carefully. Living explained that "safe" bosses are slow to anger and don't take their emotions out on others.

They also approach crises carefully and calmly, often acting as the calm hand in the chaos. But if they truly can't deal, they at least know to take a beat to calm down before proceeding.

6. They are open-minded

Flexibility, collaboration and a genuine enthusiasm for trying others' ideas are key traits of safe bosses, according to Living. They also ask for feedback and actually listen to others' perspectives when they do.

7. They are forgiving

If you've ever worked for a boss who flew off the handle any time you made even the slightest mistake, you'll know how vital this trait is at work — and in life in general, for that matter.


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Living said safe bosses understand that to err is human, and they don't hold it over your head. Better yet, they offer you support when you mess up so you can turn a negative into a positive.

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