Ladies, Here's How To Get That Raise You Deserve [VIDEO]

Gathering up the courage to ask your boss for a raise is probably as nerve racking as being chosen for the hunger games—Once you're in, you don't know if there's a way out. When you're a woman, that pressures multiples by tenfold.

But it really shouldn't be that way. Let's be completely honest here. Women have faced unfair pay rates for years and yet progress still hasn't been made. You excel at your work, make connections and climb up the corporate ladder, only for it to be yanked right under you when money is brought into play.

Don't let this fear of being told "No" stop you.

You work hard for your money—Why shouldn't you fight for the pay that you deserve?

The pay gap has impacted women for a very long time. However, there are a few times where it isn't the sole factor in your situation.

So here's the deal. Life coach Dr. Lisa Kaplin raises an excellent point that if you're going to ask for a raise, wait until you're positive that you do deserve it.

People don't always take their work ethics, project success rate, and other accomplishments into consideration. Even though this may sound pretty straightforward, you'd be surprised by the amount of employees who charge forward without set direction or goals.

Don't let yourself fall into this trap.

If you're serious about that promotion, you need to get your head in the game. What visuals can you provide your boss with that show just how incredibly skilled you are at your job? How does your dedication translate on paper?

These questions should be in your game plan (after all, they are standard practice). If not, you may want to do some re-evaluating!

So you have the proof to back up your BOSS LADY qualities. Now, what?

That's only half of the battle. Sometimes, our nerves get the best of us and we end up choking. Here's the brutal truth. If you're not confident that you need that raise, your boss won't be either. It's all about being assertive and putting your best forward.

Take it from us, running around in circles won't do you any favors. So you may get turned down.

The point is that you know you tried. It's also the perfect opportunity for you to get clear benchmarks on how you can improve your work in the future.

Just keep your eye on the prize and you'll cross that finish line.