To The 'Happy Girl' Who Hides Behind Her Smile

Stop hiding behind the smile that's weighing you down.

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By Emma Spear

We all know a girl who always seems happy.

She manages to keep her cool in any situation. She’s the one who smiles even when her world is falling apart.

This girl is the one who goes into the bathroom to cry her eyes out, then walks back out and acts like nothing is wrong.

The “happy girl” is the life of the party.

Her friends know her for her beauty and grace, the way she brings light into any room she enters. She has nothing but kind words for everyone she meets.


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We always assume that she’s alright, that the “happy girl” is truly happy. We don’t necessarily think that her life is perfect, but we never see her sadness.

This “happy girl” will never let you know that she’s hurting. Maybe this “happy girl” is you.

Pretty girl, I understand where you’re coming from.

People are mean to you, but you just shake off their comments. You hide behind your beautiful, smiling face, loud laugh, and bright personality.

You do what you do best: show the world how “happy” you are.

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But the truth is that you’re hurting inside.

Well, beautiful, I’m here to tell you that the world won’t end if you show others how you truly feel. People won’t walk out on you if you stop smiling, so open up and share your emotions.

Cry, scream, and throw things. Demonstrate how you truly feel.

You hide so much behind your smile that no one realizes that you’re hurting until you break. After all, everyone around you taught you to be strong, to push all of your problems aside.

Still, your loved ones can see your pain on your smiling face.

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So next time you’re upset and want to hide, look in the mirror, take a deep breath, and say “Forget this.”


Then, let your friends see those tears. Let them see that you aren’t OK.

You might think that people will leave when they see the “emotional” side of you, and the truth is that they might.

But then, look around and see who sticks by your side. Those friends are the people you need in your life.


You want to be the happy girl, the lively one — and darling, you are.

But stop hiding behind the smile that’s weighing you down. Let your tears fall. You don’t have to be smiling or laughing to be amazing.

A diamond can crack and still be beautiful. And beautiful girl, you are a diamond.

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Emma Spear is a student, paraeducator, writer, and contributor to Unwritten. She has a passion for writing about mental health, self-care, and education. Visit her author profile for more.