What I Want My Best Friend To Know Now That She's A Mom

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By Ashley Allison

I see you. I may not be able to fully comprehend what it’s like to be a mom right now, but I can acknowledge the work you’re doing to raise your child.

And I promise not to freak out if plans change at the last minute because you have a mom crisis, like your baby spiking a fever or throwing a fit.

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Working around your schedule is important to me because your schedule is far less flexible than mine.

If I need to visit you after nap time so that you can sleep for half an hour, just let me know, and I’ll be there!

If we’re watching a cartoon on repeat while you let the toddler climb all over you, that’s OK. It amazes me that you can multitask and still give me your attention.

I won’t judge how you discipline your child.

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You may have to raise your voice or go into “mom mode,” but please do what you have to do to teach your child right from wrong.

Your child may cry and run to me after you discipline them, and that’s OK too as long as I don’t accidentally undermine your parenting choices.

When we catch up with each other, our conversations may look different than they did before you became a mom, but I’m here for it all.

So when I share work stories or catch you up on our other friends, please don’t shy away from telling me about your kids’ night out with their dad!

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Being a mom is a big part of your life now, and I love hearing about your kids and watching them grow up.

I’ll be there for you when you call me in a panic because your child attempted to eat something that’s inedible.

I’ll comfort you when one of your kids shoves something up their nose, and you have to rush them to the doctor.

It’s all part of parenting, and I know that I’ll experience the same thing in a few years when I finally become a mom.

I know you don’t hear this often enough, but there’s no doubt that you’re a great mom.

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There’s no other mom like you, and because you’re so special, your kids love and respect you more than you’ll ever know.

Thanks to you, I have a role model to show me the type of mom I hope to be someday.

I love you, mama, and I’m so proud of you.

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Ashley Allison is a nurse, author, and writer for Unwritten who focuses on relationships, health and wellness, and family. For more of her content, visit her author profile.

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