Growing Up Can Be Tough, But Only If You Let It

One of the only ways we can become better people is by growing into better versions of ourselves.

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By Zoya Gervis

As children, we allow ourselves to be who we are. In fact, when we are young, we give ourselves permission to be wherever we need to be in the developmental process.

Transforming ourselves involves various phases. Always learning more and more about ourselves is just part of life.

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In the end, the stages that we all take in the pursuit to find ourselves may be different from person to person. Although we always want to be growing and learning on our journey in life, it is imperative that we begin understanding where we stand in our personal process.


No matter the current phase you may find yourself in, certain rules will always apply universally.

Acceptance Of Your Current Situation

One of the most common themes in self-growth is acceptance. In fact, once you can accept your current situation in life, you can breathe easier and be happier.

Before you reach acceptance, however, you may find yourself playing the victim game. Whenever you blame others for your current situation, you are being the victim. Placing blame on others is not emotionally healthy.

As a result, changing your perspective towards a more accepting view can really do wonders for your mood.


Learning The Lessons

Asking the hard questions is part of the learning process. In fact, the only way we can grow is by delving deep into our negative or self-deprecating thoughts and emotions and changing course.

Once we can start learning from our experiences, we begin to slowly figure out what exactly we want out of life and what people or situations no longer serve us. Connecting the dots provides us with a massive shift in perspective.

Once the realizations begin occurring, we can start to alter our actions and live a life beyond our wildest dreams. Showing up as the best version of ourselves is something that requires a lot of inner work.

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Changing Your Behaviors

Ideally, once we locate our role in our current situation, we can begin to course-correct and change our habits. In fact, being aware of your current position on the path is never enough.

For things to change for the better, there is some work that needs to be done. Whether it’s a belief system that needs altering or a particular behavior that needs changing, actually correcting these things allows you to move forward on your journey in life seamlessly.

While it can be super difficult to change habits that have been ingrained in us or belief systems that we have lived with for most of our lives, doing the hard work can provide awesome results.

Breaking patterns that no longer serve us is one of the most difficult things we will typically face in our lives, but the results are totally worth it.


In the end, everyone’s journey is entirely different. We may have to go through similar situations over and over until we finally learn the lesson the universe has in store for us.

However, being open to the lessons that come from chaotic situations is the only way that we can grow into the best version of ourselves. When we can put all of our trust in the universe, knowing that it forever has our back, we let go of our control and directly witness the lessons that occur in our lives on a regular basis.

One of the only ways we can become better people is by growing into better versions of ourselves. Instead of resisting change, we need to start embracing different perspectives and changing the way we think about things so that positive things can show up in our lives.


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Zoya Gervis is a New York-based freelance writer, who has been featured in The Sun, New York Post, The Herald Sun, Elite Daily, and more. Her writing focuses on entertainment, news, and various scientific studies.