The Secret To Living A Life With A Full Bank Account

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woman creating a budget

By Ashlyn Thomson

Money... the solution and creator of all problems. The thing we strive for, the thing we live for, and the thing we’d do anything for.

Money is nice, and I mean really nice, but how we use it can really affect our lives.

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For example, if you’re anything like myself, you’re a saver, but also a spender.

You save each paycheck but take 10% out for spending money. See, there is nothing wrong with that but there comes a point when that 10% turns into 20%, and that 20% turns into 30%. Then, before you know it, your entire check is in your checking account. Welcome to my life!

I used to do this because I need my Tim Horton's coffee and I like my shopping sprees, but then I looked into my bank account and had a mini heart attack.

“Wow, I’m pretty sure there are a few zeros missing, have I been robbed?” I robbed myself of eating actual food for a week because crackers were the only thing I could afford.

But I have finally mastered the cure.

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This cure is one everyone can use and can be successful while using, it’s called... a budget.

I know, that is a very scary word and the pure definition behind it essentially means being an adult, but it works. Having a budget allows you to live the way you want... well, kind of, and still keep those zeros in your bank account.

You may have to eliminate that book addiction and get a library card instead. You may have to kill that Starbucks morning routine and brew your own pot of coffee each day. Delete your Apple music and listen to the radio.

But little do you know, you’ll survive.

Having a budget means you have to make a commitment to saving those dollars. Having a budget means you do not have cheat days. Having a budget is always a success when your full heart and mind is within the budget.

It only works when you want it to work.

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When you accept the challenge to have a budget, you are making a complete lifestyle change.

It is more than worth it in the end, but one thing you need to have to succeed is a game plan, a goal. What are you working towards? Why are you doing this? What are you saving for?

Whatever answer you used to answer those questions is the thing you have to keep reminding yourself of.

Yes, you’ll want to go see that new horror movie that was just released, but that means you can’t eat for the week — that’s your choice. The power of choice is the power of a budget.

To be successful, you need to choose to eliminate and to say “no.” It’ll be devastating and you’ll hate me in the beginning, but you’ll thank me in the long run, I promise you.

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Ashlyn Thomson is a writer and musician who writes primarily about relationships, money, and self-improvement topics. Visit her author profile for more.

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.