Why You Need To Embrace The Days Where You Feel Sad

Focus on your passion and what can pull you out of the dark cloud of despair.

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By Kristen Buccigrossi

Everyday isn’t going to be full of sunshine and rainbows.

While it would be lovely if we could live everyday like Snow White with her seven dwarves, happily frolicking through the forest without a care in the world, some days life will get the best of us.

Some days, you’re going to wake up not feeling like yourself and as if your body is telling you that you need some space from the world.


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The days when you feel as though you’re not sure what the full issue is, but you need to just find pity within yourself and let this overwhelming depressive moment take over, let it.

Some days you just need to embrace the sadness to move on.

I know that sounds like a contradiction, but you can only hold on to that sadness for so long before you want to explode.

Whether it be with rage and frustration or with pain and a mental breakdown full of tissues and a bottle of wine, you’ll find yourself hurting more than healing if you don’t give in to the moments of weakness, and just allow yourself those moments of sadness.


If you don’t just step back from the moment that you’re in and let the sadness play out in front of you, you’re going to find this feeling of heaviness following you with no end in sight.

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The days that feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over our head, and feels like there is nothing but tears in the forecast, are the days that build character.

The days that won’t defeat us, but make us think about our priorities and our feelings to where they need to be directed.

The dark days that make us feel like we are hopeless to the path in which life is taking us will help us to remind ourselves that we are the ones that are in control.


While it may seem in those weak moments as though we aren’t the ones behind the wheel when we allow ourselves to start to sink, we realize that drowning isn’t the option; we are the ones who are able to pull ourselves above and swim.

It might not seem like it now, but in moments of weakness is when we build strength. We find our backbone and we find out how much we really can endure.

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So, we need to learn to embrace the days where you need to be by yourself.

Where you need to take a step back from those around you and relish in your own thoughts. The moments where you need to be quiet and find peace within yourself.


Focus on your passion and what can pull you out of the dark cloud of despair.

Whether it be your music that brings you joy, your art that brings you comfort, or your yoga that brings you peace.

Whatever the case may be, find your happiness through the darkness and focus on that until it can pull those dark clouds away and bring you back to light.


It won’t be easy, but allow yourself the moment to feel sadness, and then let it go.

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Kristen Buccigrossi is a writer whose work has been published on Huffington Post, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Unwritten, and more. Visit her website for more.