I Cheated And It Made Me Realize That No Relationship Is Perfect

I cheated on my boyfriend, but I’m owning up to it because no one’s perfect.

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By Tylia Flores

I was debating whether I should write about this or not, mainly because I didn’t want people to be disappointed in my actions and see me in a negative light.

However, I’ve always told myself that I would use my life lessons and mistakes as a tool to help inspire others, so I’m sharing the story of the reason why I cheated.

I’ll admit that cheating on him was wrong, and I’m deeply sorry to everyone who is disappointed in me, but with that said, I might as well share why I thought cheating was the only option.


After being so faithful for four-and-a-half years and being thoroughly committed to a man, I cheated on him.

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I’ve never met him in person and only communicate with him via the internet and phone.

Most people question how this is cheating if we aren’t in a physical relationship and have never met before. It’s an excellent question to ask if you’re not in an online relationship.

If you’re in an online relationship, you cheat when you’re in love with someone you’ve never met before, and you want to be in their arms so badly, but for some reason, it’s never the right time to meet them in person.


You eventually start to think that you’re going crazy since you’re dating a person whom you’ve never seen before. You realize that the only way you can see your partner is through a glass screen. When they go to give you a kiss, all you feel is glass.

You only have an image in your mind of what it would be like to feel your boyfriend’s lips against yours, but you feel like, after four years, you should know how your boyfriend feels physically.

You wish you could get past the stage of just being in an online relationship and finally meet each other in person.

I cheated because our relationship looked like it was in trouble.

My boyfriend had a hard time with us not FaceTiming as much, which was due to my college studies and my writing. These things took up most of my time. I was committed to my work seven days per week.


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While my boyfriend and I were having an argument, he gave me an ultimatum. He shouted at me, telling me how selfish I was for spending my time writing, for doing the one thing I’ve been passionate about since I was 16 years old.

As soon as he said the words, “You need to choose between me or writing,” my heart broke, but I also realized that I had fallen out of love with him.

Right at that very second, the inside of my chest felt like it was burning, and my heart was a ticking time bomb that had finally exploded. I told him not to call me for two weeks.

When my boyfriend and I stopped communicating for two weeks, my mind was conflicted.


Part of me missed the person he was, and the other part of me told me that I was finally free to explore, so I followed my heart and ignored my desire to stay in the relationship.

I went out and explored my options. I cheated on him.

When I cheated on him, I learned that sometimes, it takes bumps on the road for you to appreciate your partner and everything they bring to your life.

I cheated on my boyfriend, but I’m owning up to it because no one’s perfect.


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