53 Unhappy Memes For Those With A Dark Sense Of Humor

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Why is it that those of us who are unhappy find ourselves laughing at memes depicting struggles we relate to?

Those struggling with mental illnesses such as depression or even just feelings of general unhappiness often feel alienated from their peers and family members, and so memes can make us feel seen and validated.

Research also shows that people with depression may gravitate toward dark humor because of cognitive reappraisal, which is the way someone alters their interpretation of an event that happened to them.

Meaning, memes may help someone who's depressed reevaluate their situation and change their perception of their own negative thoughts. 

That said, here are 54 unhappy memes that you'll probably relate to. 

1. "I am pretty good at turning every place I go into my personal hell."

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2. "Me after any minor inconvenience: 'Oh. It's okay, I guess I wasn't meant to have a good life.'" 

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3. "When I show up looking like s—t: 'My demons won today. I'm sorry.'" 

4. "Me carrying my emotional baggage."

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5. "You can't joke about depression, it's a serious topic. People with depression:"

6. "When ya in health class and the teacher says, 'Today we are going to start our depression & suicide unit.'"

7. "Me listening to the same sad song on repeat, making sure it does enough damage."

8. "Me getting ready for therapy so that I look pretty while I'm crying."

9. "My brain deciding what today's mental breakdown will be about:"

10. "God: Me: Unmake me."

11. "Actual photo of me on an emotional roller coaster."

12. "How are you feeling today?"

13. "Found my motivation to stay alive today. 'Don't kill yourself, you might become a MILF in the future.'"

14. "Me after a long day of ruining my own life:" 

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15. "When a traumatic flashback hits you in the middle of a pretty decent day:"

16. "I didn't even ask to be born and now I have to go to school and pick a career so I can earn money to survive and live wow."

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17. "Pspspsps serotonin."

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18. "Take advantage of the fact that you are young and have energy. Me every day:"

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19. "Me: Falling in love: Will this cure my crippling depression?"

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20. "Me: Not communicating because of loneliness. Me: Being lonely because of lack of communication."

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21. "Getting in bed ready to overthink like, 'hey there demons, it's me, ya boy.'"

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22. "How's your mental health? I can't believe it's gotten even worse!"

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23. "My depression coming to greet me unexpectedly on a decent day: 'Beep beep you sad f—k.'"

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 24. "My only serotonin molecule making its way through my brain:"

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25. "Me: Turns 13. Depression: Casually approach child." 

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26. "Me comforting myself while going through a hard time because I don't want to worry my friends and family about my own problems."

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27. "When people ask me what I want to do with my life: I don't know. I didn't think I'd get this far..."

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28. "Me: Hating on myself: Is this humor?"

29. "Me, disassociating my emotions and traumas after just going through it be like: 'Yes, very sad. Anyway...'"

30. "Me after seeing my old conversations where I expressed myself too much." 

31. "When people tell you to drop the negative people in your life but you are the negative people in your life." 

32. "Me @ me when I'm depressed af but have deadlines: 'Please. I do not have time for your tears.'"

33. "When that depression meme is too damn relatable: Half-crying, Half-laughter."

34. "Why is it sad?"

35. "No one can hurt you if you detach yourself from everything and avoid becoming emotionally invested in anyone."

36. "Unhealthy coping mechanisms: Me:"

37. "Like life is short but also like terribly and insufferably long at the same time. The mood for this month."

38. "Me consuming 5 different forms of media at once to prevent the chance of a thought occurring."

39. "When you deal with being sad by listening to sad music."

40. "My life described in two characters: Pain and Panic, reporting for duty."

41. "My therapist: 'Name 3 reasons why you think you don't deserve to be happy.' Me: 'everyone hates me cuz I'm stupid, I can't do anything right, I'm broken, Bonus: my tummy hurts.'"

42. "I feel you Spongebob."

43. "My demons are chasing me and they're doing the Naruto run."

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44. "Birth is a curse and existence is a prison." 

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45. "When I think about my life for more than 30 seconds:" 

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46. "May I have a crumb of serotonin?" 

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47. "When you go to the doctor and lie to the nurse on the depression-related questions: I pulled a little sneaky on ya."

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48. "Me and my personal demon having a heart-to-heart talk at 3am." 

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49. "My depression when it catches me having a good time: I can see you, b—h." 

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50. "When you find someone who is just as dead inside as you are." 

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51. "Me learning to accept myself: Some garbage is OK."  

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52. "Make out? No thanks. I'm saving these lips for the sweet kiss of death." 

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53. "How am I supposed to tell my friends about my mental health without feeling like a burden?"

If you or someone you know is dealing with depression, call SAMHSA's National Helpline (1-800-662-4357) for free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information. For free and confidential emotional support, call 800-273-TALK no matter what problems or type of stress you’re dealing with.

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