Get To Know Lorde's 41-Year-Old Boyfriend Justin Warren In Case He's Mentioned On Her New Album

He's 17 years older, but they seem very happy!

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Lorde’s boyfriend, Justin Warren, must be one proud partner as the singer’s return to music is being lapped up by her fans around the world. 

Lorde’s new album, and her much-anticipated return to public life, could be closer than we think as the New Zealand-born singer just dropped her new single, “Solar Power.”

The song shares its title with her upcoming third album, though no release date for the follow-up to “Melodrama” has been announced.


Lorde has a new album and a new boyfriend 

A lot has changed since we last received a single from Lorde. 

The now-24-year-old singer is notoriously private, but if her previous work is anything to go by, we might get a rare glimpse into her love life and relationship through her music.


“Melodrama” chronicled growing up and falling out of love around the time that Lorde, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor, was ending her relationship with ex-boyfriend, James Lowe. So, maybe album #3 will be a tale of romance with her new beau Justin Warren?  

Lorde has said “Solar Power” will be an ode to the great outdoors but did hint that her personal life has informed some of her upcoming music. 

“In times of heartache, grief, deep love, or confusion, I look to the natural world for answers,” she says of the album

With that in mind, references to her boyfriend Justin Warren are definitely something to look out for. 


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Who is Lorde’s boyfriend, Justin Warren? 

Lorde is a "three posts on Instagram and interviews once every four years" kind of woman, so details about her relationship are few and far between. But, here’s everything we can gather about Lorde and Justin Warren’s relationship. 

Justin Warren is a music executive. 

Warren appears to be based in Lorde’s home country of New Zealand, working with Universal Music Group. Warren’s work in music promotions has connected him with Justin Bieber and, of course, Lorde. 

Lorde was signed with Universal Music Group in New Zealand back in 2009, so the couple most likely connected while working together. 


Warren is 41 years old. 

Warren is reportedly 17 years older than Lorde. The singer previously dated 24-year-old photographer James Lowe when she was 18. 

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Lorde and Justin Warren were first linked in 2016. 

Lorde can be seen on Warren’s Instagram as far back as 2014, but romance rumors between the two didn’t begin until 2016 when they were reportedly spotted on a date in Auckland, New Zealand. 

However, Warren denied the rumors at the time and insisted that their relationship was a professional but friendly one. 


"Ella and I have worked together for years and we're good friends. Any rumors of us being 'a pair' are ridiculous,” he said. "Ella has a really busy year ahead of her and we'll be spending more time together as plans for the next Lorde record unfold."

The pair appear to have found romance since then, and were spotted holding hands and kissing in late 2020. 

Is Lorde engaged to Justin Warren? 

The couple sparked engagement rumors in 2019 when Lorde was spotted wearing a ring on her engagement finger. At the time, the pair were shopping for homeware in New Zealand and appeared to be living together at Lorde’s Auckland home.


However, Lorde has never addressed the engagement rumors and more recent photos don’t show any signs of a ring. 

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