British Teen Signs A Deal With A Demon, Then Kills Two Sisters In Ritualistic Sacrifice

The details are as disturbing as you'd imagine.

Danyel Hussein sacrifices two sisters in order to win lottery family handout 

A bizarre murder motive is disturbing people across the globe, as a young man stands trial in the UK for the murder of two women, allegedly as part of a pact with a demon. 

According to court testimony, Danyal Hussein wrote up a contract with a demon agreeing to sacrifice a minimum of six women every six months as long as he is physically capable.

In return, he would be granted a lottery win, wealth, power, and to escape suspicion of any crimes — including the killings. He signed his name “Danyal” in blood.


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Why did Danyal Hussein murder two sisters in Wembley Park?

On June 7, 2020, Danyal Hussein is alleged to have brutally murdered Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, following a birthday celebration for Bibaa at Wembley Park, then stashed their bodies in nearby bushes. At the time, Hussein was 18-years-old and aspired to live a wealthy life, believing his sacrificial offering would allow him to win the lottery. 

Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman should be remembered as more than just victims.

Bibaa Henry was 47 years old and lived in Brent, northwest London, where she worked as a social worker for Buckinghamshire Council.


photo from a family handout

Bibaa’s family described her as an “exceptional Senior Social Worker and a passionate advocate for safeguarding vulnerable children and families. Bibaa was just barely five foot but she had the heart of a lion and a smile that would put Blackpool illuminations to shame,” they said. 

Nicole Smallman was 27-years-old and the youngest of three sisters. She lived in Harrow, northwest London, and worked as a freelance photographer.


photo from a family handout

Friends and family remember her as “a strong advocate for Humanitarian causes and saving our planet.” They say she was also an “amazing photographer, actor, and singer. Friends and family all agree she was beautiful both inside and out. Nicole was incredibly laidback and very approachable.”

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Who is Danyal Hussein?

Danyal Hussein, at the time, was 18 years old living in Garnett Grove, Blackheath. In June 2020, the UK jackpot was worth £3.8 million, which is $5.37 million in U.S. currency. Hussein believed that if he made a deal with a demon he could win the lottery and subsequent lotteries in the future.

Days before the murder, Hussein left home and went to a supermarket to purchase a set of knives. He believed that the demon would make good on their deal and created an online lottery account.

On the night of the murder, CCTV camera footage shows Hussein entering the park with his backpack filled with a knife, latex gloves, and two mini shovels. Hussein can be seen seated within a 5-minute walk of the celebration. However, Hussein's whereabouts and actions are unaccounted for during the next four hours. The celebration lasted all evening.

After the fun and festivities ended, friends left Bibaa and Nicole around 11 pm. For the rest of the night, Bibaa and Nicole danced around the park with fairy lights while listening to music and taking pictures. The last photo taken by Bibaa and Nicole was taken shortly after 1 pm.


It is believed that during this time, Hussein attacked and murdered the two of them. Bibaa was stabbed eight times while her sister was stabbed a shocking 28 times.

After allegedly dragging and hiding their bodies in nearby bushes, Hussein is seen leaving the park at 4 am. Following the killings, Hussein purchased three additional lottery tickets in the hopes that his sacrifice would work. 

The next day, Bibaa's friend Nina texted her photos from the party. When Bibaa didn't respond, Nina began to worry.


Nina, along with Adam, another mutual friend, returned to the park and found the sisters' glasses. A knife was found in the grass nearby. After speaking to the police, Nina left to deliver the glasses to the police station.

Shortly after Nina left, Adam discovered the lifeless bodies of the two women. Despite the mountain of evidence, Hussein denies all involvement in the death of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman and pleaded not guilty to all charges. 

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