8 Gorgeous Quinceañera Dresses (Quince Gowns) To Make Any Teen Feel Like A Princess

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Many Latinas in the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America can probably recall their 15th birthday celebration — otherwise known as a Quinceañera, Quinceaños, or simply a Quince. 

It's a special day within Latin culture that celebrates moving from childhood to adulthood.

Traditionally, Quinceañeras mark a young woman’s readiness for marriage.

Today, however, Quinceañeras simply signify the growth and maturity of a young woman. 

It's tradition for the young woman to wear a ball gown and for her court to wear tuxedos, as it is a very formal event. She also has her damas and chambelanes — a group of girls and boys — who are part of the Quinceañera's "Court of Honor."

David's Bridal has everything a girl could dream of for looking incredible on her Quinceañera. Shop Quinceañera dresses at David's Bridal! 

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The roots of Quinceañera traditions and beauty. 

A Quinceañera starts off with a religious ceremony or mass in a Catholic Church where different rituals take place, including the crowning of a tiara on the young woman, which represents her as triumphant or as a princess in the eyes of God. 

After the Catholic ceremony, there's a festive reception where the guests partake in food, dancing, and other traditional ceremonies.

During the reception, there's a father/daughter dance, usually a waltz, a changing of shoes, and a ritual called "La ultima muneca" — the last doll — where the young woman relinquishes the need for such a toy and passes it on to a younger relative. 

But, no doubt, one of the best parts of the Quinceañera is finding the right dress for the young woman to wear. That's what shows off her elegance and makes her stand out for her special day.

I remember my own Quinceañera and the process of finding the right dress — it's one of the most important parts of the celebration!

If you’re looking for some ideas for quinceañera dresses, look no further!  Shop Quinceañera dresses at David's Bridal! 

Here are 8 of the best Quinceañera dresses from David's Bridal that will make you feel beautiful at your party this year. 

1. Apple-gold gown

This beautiful apple-red ball gown will make any girl stand out.

With gold embroidered lace from the waist up and the bottom of the dress, a keyhole back, and a voluminous skirt, this dress will make her feel like the princess she is!

Metallic Lace and Tulle Quince Dress with Keyhole, $699 at David's Bridal. 

2. Rainbow gown

This multi-layered, rainbow-colored dress will have her looking like the life of the party.

It's a classic strapless dress with a three-tier layer skirt 25 feet long and zig-zag back, making it a unique piece of design.

Multicolor 3-Tier Quince Dress with Corset Back, $699 at David's Bridal. 

3. Petal-pink gown

For those who would like to go the more traditional route of a princess dress, look no further!

This delicate petal-pink dress has lace from the waist up and throughout the 20-foot skirt. It also has tank sleeves, making it very comfortable to wear and giving it an organic look. 

Fairytale Ballgown with Embellished Lace Applique in Petal, $499 at David's Bridal. 

4. Horizon-blue gown

The classic traditional princess dress look comes in blue!

Fairytale Ballgown with Embellished Lace Applique in Horizon, $499 at David's Bridal. 

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5. Navy silver gown

This is another classy, strapless quince dress that’s over 30 feet long! 

It’s made of satin at the base and is a full tulle skirt. 

6. Dusty rose gown

This off-the-shoulder dress has a beautiful five-layer ruffle skirt and an embellished waistband.

Perfect for young women who love volume!

7. Iris gown

Perfect for those looking for a fun party ensemble, this pastel iris-purple, two-piece dress has a lace applique bodice, a heart-shaped keyhole back, and flowers scattered throughout the voluminous tulle skirt.

3-Piece Convertible Quince Dress with Heart Back, $599 at David's Bridal. 

8. White gown with flowers

For the girl who loves juxtaposition, this white dress has colorful embroidered applique flowers throughout the top and cascading down past the waistline.

The design is filled with colorful embroidered lace and an open back with an illusion neckline and tank straps. 

Floral Lace Applique Quince Dress, $399 at David's Bridal. 

A Quinceañera dress is one of the most important traditions of this event.

It’s not selfish to want to look and feel like a princess that day! You won’t go wrong with any of these dresses from David's Bridal for your princess. 

It’s important to find the right dress to celebrate a Quinceañera. And trust us, these dresses will do the job!

Shop Quinceañera dresses at David's Bridal!

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