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Miley Cyrus Pens An Open Letter To Hannah Montana — And Her Alter Ego Responds With A 'License To Rock'

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Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana

Many fans have been waiting to celebrate this day for weeks, and some even for years, but their wait is finally over. The 15-year anniversary of the iconic Disney Kids series “Hannah Montana” has arrived.

As many fans took to social media to express their gratitude and appreciation for the show, Miley Cyrus, I.e., Hannah Montana herself, share her own reflections on her time as the show's star.

And what she had to offer was refreshingly nothing but praise for the people behind the scenes and her on-camera colleagues alike.

The pop star and actress has been vocal about her rise to stardom as a child in the past, saying finding fame at such a young age came with ts share of ups and downs.

However, the open letter she shared with us all via Twitter — hand-written in purple ink on Hannah Montana stationary, of course — was filled with only sweet nostalgia and shout-outs to family and co-stars.

What did Miley Cyrus say in her letter to Hannah Montana?

Now 28-year-old Cyrus opened the letter to her once alter-ego Hannah by reminiscing about how long it’s been since they talked and what it was like when she first donned Hannah's classic long, blonde wig.

"Hi Hannah," she began, "It's been a while. 15 years to be exact. Since the first time I slid those blonde bangs over my forehead in the best attempt to conceal my identity. Then slipped into a puke pink terry cloth robe with a bedazzled HM over the [heart symbol]."

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One of the most tear-jerking moments came just a few lines later, when Cyrus dug deeper into the meaning behind Montana's blonde wig.

“Although you are considered to be an ‘alter ego’ in reality there was a time in my life when you held more of an identity in your glove than I did in my bare hands," the musician wrote.

Reflecting further on having grown up on set, Cyrus wrote, "I experienced falling in love for the first time in those years."

She also filled us all in on some endearing Cyrus/Montana trivia some may not have known, but also may not be entirely surprised by given that Cyrus was just 11 when she auditioned for the show, and 12 when "Hannah Montana" first premiered on the Disney Channel in 2006.

"Embarrassingly started my period in a pair of white capris of course on the day a 'cute guy' was cast and asked to have lunch with me," Cyrus divulged. "Instead I spent it in the bathroom with my mom sobbing and scrambling to find a pair of fresh denim."

After then writing about how feel pre-teen and teen co-stars Emily Osment, Mitchell Musso and Jason Earles became family, Cyrus concluded the letter by mentioning that not a day goes by where she forgets where she came from.

“A building in Burbank, California with a room full of people with the power to fulfill my destiny. And that they did. They gave me you. The greatest gift a girl could ask for. I love you Hannah Montana,” she wrote before signing off with a simple, “Forever, Miley.”

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What Miley's Letter to Hannah Means for her Fans: The Science of Nostalgia

As Miley took time to reminisce and reflect, fans of the show who grew up watching Miley live her double life were filled with warm, fuzzy feelings of their own.

“For real, you raised me and i can't express how important you have been in my life, being a resilient, honest and always fighting for what's right i love you bye,” one Twitter user wrote in response to Miley’s letter.

Another reminded her (and us) that the set of Hannah Montana was where sparks first flew between Cyrus and Nick Jonas.

And yet another invoked a seance meant to summon a "best of both worlds tour 2.0."

Fans weren’t the only ones to join in on the anniversary fun.

Music streaming app Spotify took to Twitter to share their praise as well, tweeting, “You gave us all the best of both worlds,” a reference to the show's beloved theme song.

According to the Reporter, nostalgia is a way in which people process a yearning for the past "as a comfort, a socially acceptable way to sigh and dream for those Christmas mornings, Disney movies and ice cream drippings in the stressful and tense moments of life.

"The childhood comforts we took for granted for so long come back to warm us in the turbulent and developmental years of becoming an adult... Recalling a love for the past helps promote hope for the future, and reassures us that life is meaningful."

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Hannah Montana's Response (Yes, Really)

Eagle-eyed follows quickly noticed a brand new and already verified Twitter account for yes, that's right, Hannah Montana!

And not only has Hannah apparently read Miley's letter, but she already responded!

"Nice to hear from you @MileyCyrus" she tweeted in reply. "It’s only been a decade."

The dialgue has delighted fans speculating as to whether is a new series is set to be released in the future.

And now fans are following Montana's lead and grabbing their very own "license to rock."

Whatever it is this tricky pair has in store for us, we say let's get this party started!

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