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Media's Lack Of Representation When It Comes To Showing Black Love Needs To Be Addressed

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Rege Jean Page, Phoeve Dynevor, Zendaya, Hunter Schafer

There has always been a lack of representation when it comes to Black people gracing the screens of different movies/TV shows. 

This lack of representation has been repeatedly called out by many within the Black community, and for the most part, there have been a plethora of films that have emerged within the past year that have given Black people leading roles in a variety of critically acclaimed movies.

But, I’ve also noticed that even though Black people are being cast for roles in media – there now seems to be a lack of representation for Black love.

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This realization started when I finally watched the show Bridgerton.

There are many issues regarding race that plague that Netflix show, starting with the fact that there are only three Black people within the entire show. But, I noticed that the leading couple was a Black man and a white woman.

It struck me as odd considering that one of the producers is Shonda Rimes – and the show was made under her production company. 

Then there are other shows like Euphoria, where some of the leading couples are also like that – Rue & Jules, Cassie & McKay. 

In movies such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, where Tom Holland and Laura Harrier were a couple, and then in Spider-Man: Far From Home, it was Tom Holland and Zendaya as a couple. 

It’s as if no one wants to write or even cast two Black people to play the main love interests in these huge block-buster movies.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with interracial relationships – or giving them a reprsentation.

But it starts to become a problem when that is the only kind of relationship that is being produced, especially when it’s just between a Black man/woman and a white man/woman.

There are movies like Sylvie’s Love, that have proven to do really well among audiences and portray authentic Black love.

Even if Hollywood only chooses to represent interracial couples, there are so many other types besides the sterotypical Black and white couples, that are equally as beautiful and equally as important.

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It’s disheartening to only show one half of a BIPOC couple – and it’s exhausting that it’s the only type of representation that is promoted.

Black couples obviously exist, and they are just as important to think about when casting for movies/TV shows. It’s nice to have that kind of representation, and to actively produce films that allow for that kind of depiction to shine through.

I think it’s very important for young Black children to see Black relationships in a healthy way – and the one thing all children consume is media. 

And it’s not even Black children, but any Black person.

As it’s been said countless times, Black people are able to exist outside of our trauma. And it means so much when we can get movies that are just about Black love, and just beautifully show that kind of love in a mainstream way. 

Moving forward, it would be beneficial to have Black directors, Black writers, Black producers creating this kind of story.

Even though the film Queen & Slim isn’t the most feel-good movie, it did an amazing job of actively casting a dark-skinned actress as the lead; and not only that, to showcase two dark-skinned actors as a couple. 

That’s the most important part, and that is the kind of representation the Black community is asking for – or honestly, begging for. 

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Nia Tipton is a writer living in Chicago. She covers pop culture, social justice issues, and trending topics. Follow her on Instagram