Meet Priscilla Tuft, Wife Of Transgender WWE Wrestler Gabbi Tuft

Gabbi Tuft is sharing her story with the help of her supportive wife.

Gabbi and Priscilla Tuft YouTube

Gabbi Tuft, who fought in WWE under the name "Tyler Reks," is thanking wife Priscilla for supporting her after coming out as transgender

The San Francisco-born wrestler posted a lengthy statement on social media opening up about the past number of months which she called “some of the darkest of my entire life,” as she came to terms with her true identity. 

Tuft will open up about her journey in an interview on Feb. 5. She will be joined by her wife Priscilla, who has been a source of strength and support as Tuft came to the decision to come out over the course of 2020. 


Who is Gabbi Tuft's wife, Priscilla Tuft?

Tuft has spoken about how she grappled with suicidal thoughts before coming out to her wife. Upon telling Priscilla, the couple made the decision to embrace Tuft’s true identity and Priscilla was immediately supportive. 

In another statement about the upcoming interview, a spokesperson stated that the former wrestler has waited a lifetime to come out: "This is a persona she has been hiding in the loud silence of her soul since childhood,” the statement reads. 

All eyes are on Tuft as she makes this brave revelation but not much is known about her wife who is standing by her side during this exciting journey. 


Here’s everything we know about Gabbi Tuft’s wife and their relationship, which has spanned over two decades. 

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Priscilla and Gabbi have been married since 2002.

Priscilla and Gabbi Tuft married in July 2002 when Priscilla was 21. The pair were high school sweethearts who had dated for 5 years prior to marrying. 


Priscilla says that the couple did not share their first kiss until their wedding day and had never had other partners before meeting as teens. 

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In an Instagram story about Tuft’s transition, she called the revelation the “most pivotal change” in their 23 years together.

Tuft has thanked her wife profusely for supporting her transition, even posting a heartfelt Instagram dedicated to Priscilla just one day before coming out saying, “I love you P, until my dying breath...and then I will find you again.” 

She is a mother to Gabbi’s daughter.

The couple shares a 9-year-old daughter named Mia, who was born in November 2011. Priscilla is an adoring mother who regularly shares snaps of her daughter. 

Mia was also a huge reason behind Gabbi’s decision to retire from professional wrestling in 2014, as she wanted to spend more time with their young daughter. 


This close-knit family has rallied around Tuft during her transition, Gabbi shared an anecdote about how her daughter reacted to her coming out. 

"‘I'm afraid that people might make fun of me and it might affect you,’” Tuft shared, “And she leans over gives me the biggest hug and she says, ‘Daddy, I will never make fun of you.’”

She is a body-builder and fitness expert.

Gabbi Tuft isn’t the only family member who can pack a punch.


Priscilla and Gabbi co-founded Body Spartan, a fitness platform, and Priscilla regularly posts workout content there based on her past body-building training. 

She is also the author of two eBooks, one audio-book, and a nutritionist for eight separate fitness programs. Her Instagram bio also states she is a Reiki healer and offers online sessions to clients. 

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