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News Correspondent Katy Tur Is Pregnant With Her Second Child! Meet Her Husband, Tony Dokoupil

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Katy Tur

Renowned broadcast journalist Katy Tur is expecting her second child with husband Tony Dokoupil this May.

The baby girl will join the couple’s son, Teddy, who turns two in April, and two children from Dokoupil’s previous marriage.

The news of Tur's pregnancy hit the news cycle on Jan. 25 before the couple had a chance to inform the public, but Tur was good-natured about the leak when she announced the pregnancy on her own show hours later.

She gushed that the family is “very excited” to welcome their newest member.

A source said that Katy has been doing well, and “craving pickle chips and enjoying root-beer floats in bed!"

Who is Katy Tur's husband, Tony Dokoupil?

Here is all you need to know about Tur and Dokoupil’s happy household, and the couple's highly anticipated new addition.

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They both host shows on major news networks.

Katy Tur is a widely respected journalist who hosts her own live show on MSNBC.

She is also known for following and covering the Trump campaign, where she dealt with much verbal harassment from the former president.

Her husband, Tony Dokoupil, is a print journalist, as well as a co-host of CBS This Morning alongside Gayle King and Anthony Mason.

They met at work.

The couple met in the makeup room at NBC, and Katy made the first move.

In 2020, Dokoupil celebrated his marriage on Instagram, writing “happy anniversary to ‘Katy from the make up room,” the one who invited me to “get a coffee, a fanta, or a frozen daiquiri sometime.’ I chose the daiquiri and I’ve never been happier. I love you @katyturnbc.”

They eloped.

The couple was married at a remote spot in the Utah desert on October 27, 2017.

“The rock we got married on is a thousand million years old and I’ll love you at least that long,” Dokoupil wrote of his wife.

They’ve been forced to film in their basement due to covid restrictions.

Quarantine has been a challenge for Katy and Tony, as both host separate shows on major news networks and has had to find a way to film in their shared home.

“We used to have multiple lives, a work-life and a home life, now it’s kind of all taking place in one location,” Tony explained in a CBS broadcast.

Both husband and wife shoot their shows in their basement, where they have established a rudimentary wardrobe department, and Katy is responsible for makeup.

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But it’s not so bad!

Tur and Dokoupil shared that working from home has allowed them to spend more time together, and even to witness Teddy’s first steps.

Dokoupil spoke to his wife for a CBS Sunday Morning interview in May, in which they discussed the logistics of working from home.

The couple seemed relaxed and happy; flirting throughout the segment and passing the baby back and forth.

“Do you still love me?” Dokoupil asked his wife.

“Forever,” Tur replied, smiling. “More so now than ever.”

Their new daughter is a quarantine baby.

“We’ve spent 314 days locked inside this house together. What else were we going to do?” Katy joked to her Instagram audience. “Baby girl Dokoupil arrives in May.”

Tony added in his own post that the couple knew quarantining at home "would help save lives. Turns out it helped create one too." 

"We can't wait to introduce her to the whole loving mess of us," the proud new father concluded.

Tur spoke out about the importance of parental leave after Teddy’s birth in 2019, saying “family leave supports babies, which supports us all.”

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