Enter YourTango's Giveaway To Win Over $1200 In Cash & Gift Cards!

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Shopping spree giveaway by Bright Cellars

We all have been looking forward to 2021 after a tough year in 2020, so what better way to start your year off right than to win over $1200 in cash and gift cards?!

Commit to a happier, healthier new year and new you with help from some of our favorite brands! 

YourTango has partnered with brands such as Bright Cellars, 1440, Anna Virgili, Scojo New York, and Yensa Beauty to help you start 2021 off with cash and gift cards to some of your favorite stores:

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$200 from SCOJO New York
$200 to Anna Virgili
$100 from 1440
$200 to Maxbone
$200 to Yensa Beauty
$100 from Whole People
$250 from YourTango

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Good luck! Winner is drawn on Valentine's Day!