6 Words Everyone's Using On Their Dating Profiles Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

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Dating Profile Phrases During The Pandemic

Dating during a pandemic hasn’t been an easy task for 2020 singles but in a year that changed so much, perhaps the world of dating has an overdue transformation.

Since March, dating apps have reported an increased usage that grew steadily throughout the year. Online dating has become a preferred method of finding love amid the COVID-19 pandemic with many apps now offering video chats and allowing users to find matches in foreign countries. 

But it isn’t just methods of dating that have changed; the way we interact with potential partners has radically shifted. The quest for lasting connections is rapidly replacing the “casual” dating world. 

Dating site OKCupid reported a 20% decline in users seeking a hookup while a separate survey reported that 63% of dating app users are now spending more time getting to know their matches than before the pandemic. 

We’re not going out to bars to meet different people every weekend, we’re working from home or not working at all, we’re worried about our health and the economy, we’re missing friends and family: all this makes casual hookup culture less inviting. We want connection and meaningful interactions. We’re in need of support and stability. 

This shift to intentional dating is a welcome glimmer of optimism in a time where hope is lacking. Singles navigating the world of dating during COVID may now enjoy less superficial dating opportunities. 

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Let’s take a look at how this new world of dating is appearing in dating app profiles. Here are 6 phrases that have appeared more frequently on dating profiles during the COVID pandemic. 

1. Caring

The appearance of the word “caring” has seen a 3% rise on OkCupid profiles between spring and fall. Singles are less inclined to want hard-to-get matches who’ll toy with their emotions. The modern world takes us through more emotional highs and lows than any relationship could!

Instead, there seems to be a want for more tender romantic connections with people who will care for us through the tough times.  

2. Empathetic

Appearances of “empathetic” also increased by 3% across dating profiles. The COVID pandemic has leveled the emotional playing field slightly, allowing people to have more understanding for one another.

Perhaps as more and more people find themselves in vulnerable emotional, financial, or physical states, they are in search of partners who share or at least understand their situation. In times of social distancing, empathy can allow dating app users to rediscover the feelings of connection they might be craving.  

3. Compassionate 

Compassionate has also been appearing more on dating profiles. Where singles lack the ability to directly empathize with their match’s situation, there is still a desire to find sympathy and compassion. 

Interestingly, OkCupid reported an increased openness to dating people with a different background. More and more users are connecting with people of different races or religious beliefs than before. Compassion and understanding now transcends barriers that might have existed prior to the pandemic. 

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4. Kindness

Kindness has been the top trait people looked for in a romantic partner since before the pandemic but this quality will likely continue to hold its place as people seek out long-term connections. 

Stripped of most of our usual ways to connect with people, there seems to be more of a demand for honest dating. Openness and kindness are essential qualities when seeking to form connections online. 

5. Volunteer

A 5% increase in mentions of “volunteer” could be reflective of an increased desire to find philanthropic matches. 

2020 was a year of much hardship where we all learned the importance of giving back and having community support to lean on. While we might previously have looked for dates who pass their time partying and frequenting bars, now someone who is selfless and giving is far more appealing. 

6. Donate

Between April and June mentions of the “donate” and “donating” increased 29% and jumped another 10% from October to November. 

During a national racial reckoning, singles are less willing to attempt to build relationships with people who have failed to give back to society. The pandemic has taught us all to dig a bit deeper in our hearts and wallets to find ways to search for meaning and value in the world around us. 

Interestingly, this newfound compassion, care, and empathy does not stretch to people of differing political views. While studies have shown singles are more willing to date people of different religious or economic backgrounds, political views continue to polarize.

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