8 Best Erotica Books For Women Who Are New To The Genre

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Sometimes the most fun you can have is by curling up with a good, steamy book and enjoy the romance that pours out of the pages

When first stepping into the genre of erotica, though, it's hard to know where to start.

Thankfully, for all you erotica newbies out there, we've got you covered!

Here are the 8 best erotica books for women who are new to the genre:

Trust us, you will not be sorry you added these to your bookshelves!

1. Kiss Quotient — Helen Hong

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This book is totally unprecedented — think a role reversal of Pretty Woman, with disabilities.

Helen Hong gets her readers all hot and bothered through the lens of her main character Stella Lane who is Autistic trying desperately to please her baby-fever mother.

When she decides to hire a male escort to try and improve her skills in the bedroom, she never expected the journey she would go on when the handsome Michael Larsen walks into her life.

Check out the work of the amazing Helen Hong here.

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2. The Right Swipe — Alishia Rai

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When Rhi and Samson hook up, things go well, but Samson never reaches out for that second date like he promised. Oh, well, right?

Maybe not! The two run into each other a few months later at a conference, as it turns out they are working on rival hook-up apps. 

3. The Bromance Book Club — Lyssa Kay Adams

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When Gavin’s wife drops the bombshell that she has been faking orgasms for the last three years of their marriage, he loses it, leading to her asking for a divorce.

Gavin, a professional baseball player, is destroyed until he is let into the secret book club full of alpha men and his teammates, and he begins to find the courage to try to get his wife back. 

4. A Gentleman In The Streets - Alisha Rai

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A hardcore feminist book that deals with familial trama and slut-shaming.

The main characters are ex-stepsiblings who have always been drawn to one another but have individually decided they are a bad match.

When Jacob's defenses slide, Akira and him are able to start building a friendship one that shows they might be a better match than they had originally thought. I am a big fan of Alisha Rai's work, and you will be too. Check out her work here.

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5. Goodbye Paradise — Sarina Bowen

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Growing up in a cult in the heart of America, Josh and Caleb have been best friends and worked together every day.

When Josh is thrown out, as so many of the older teen boys are, Caleb follows.

The two try to figure out the new world they live in now as they try to figure out their feelings for each other and if there could ever be a future for them. One of my favorite erotica authors, check out more of Sarina Bowen's work here.

6. Top Secret — Sarina Bowen

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When Keaton’s longtime girlfriend asks him for a three-way as her birthday present, he starts looking for a third party on a hook-up app.

Little does he know that his fraternity brother and neighbor at the fraternity house, Luke, regularly uses the app.

The two start up a conversation unaware it is each other, they start to build a connection that is disrupted when they find out the truth. 

7. Veiled Desire — Alisha Rai

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Leyla and Mason have known each other for years, as Mason is Leyla’s younger brother’s best friend.

When the two end up being neighbors, Mason’s clothes — or lack of clothes — causes Leyla to have trouble keeping her eyes off the man she has desired for so long.

When she finds out he feels the same way, temptation takes over logic. 

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8. Him — Sarina Bowen

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Growing up going to hockey camp each summer since they were 13, Wes and Canning were best friends, until Wes stopped responding to Canning when they left camp when they were 18.

Four years later, their college hockey teams are competing and Canning now has the chance to get his best friend back. That is, until Wes drops a bombshell about the truth of what happened the last time they saw each other.

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