What Are 'Soap Brows' & How To Perfect The Technique

Achieve the fluffy brows you always dreamed of.

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Looking for a new look for the new year? There’s nothing better than trying out a new look and a new makeup routine to change things up a bit. In 2021, why not try to incorporate soap brows to your look?

What are soap brows?

"Soap brow" is a term a lot of makeup artists use to describe a full and bushy eyebrow that is made by combing your eyebrow hair up and making them appear bigger and bolder.

What’s best about soap brows is that you can easily achieve this fluffy brow look while creating a hold to your brows that will last all day.


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Like many new beauty trends, soap brows went viral on TikTok and continue to stay relevant as people around the world have been trying it out — and most are raving about it.

How to do soap brows

To get the look, you can use a small eyebrow brush from your makeup kit, wetting it with either a setting spray or some kind of wet spray, and rubbing it on a bar of soap (preferably a gentle, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free soap).


Soap has glycerin in it to keep the brows in place, unlike brow gel that can sometimes make your eyebrows crunchy and shiny.

However, it’s important to know or test how your skin will react to soap brows because sometimes the soap left on the skin can be too irritating and make you feel uncomfortable.

1. Spray your eyebrow brush with a beauty spray

You can spray your brush with any sort of facial spray like a setting spray, facial mist, or just some water to get it a little damp.

2. Gently rub the brush across the bar of soap

When you do this, make sure not to get too much soap on the brush or it might be too messy and you don’t want to smother your eyebrows in soap. You want your brush lightly coated in soap.


3. Comb the brush through your eyebrows

Be smart, and start with a little and work your way up to the desired fluffiness. You can see your eyebrows taking shape right away and you can work them in whatever direction you want the hairs going.

Brush in a slow, upward motion starting at the front of your eyebrow and then curving the end slightly.

4. Touch up any spaces where you need more coverage

Obviously, everyone has different eyebrows and you might not get the perfect fluffy brows right away. No need to worry about it because with soap brows you can go in on top of your brows and fill in the extra space with some eyeshadow, brow pencil, or brow flick.

Once you’re done creating the perfect fluffy brows you can go in and perfect or clean up the edges with some concealer if need be and powder around the brows lightly to set the concealer.


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Best Products for Soap Brows

If you’re down to try soap brows you should know the best soaps recommended. Whatever soap you get make sure it’s glycerin soap and test it out before use to see if your skin will be irritated by it.

1. Pears Transparent Glycerin Bar Soap

pears transparent glycerin bar soap for soap browsPhoto: Amazon


This is the cult favorite soap used for soap brow I have to say, and most girls on YouTube and TikTok couldn’t recommend this more.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

2. Neutrogena Original Fragrance-Free Cleansing Bar

neutrogena original fragrance free cleansing bar for soap browsPhoto: Amazon

This is another recommendation from online users that is also dermatologist recommended, and highly rated.


Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

3. Dove White Beauty Bar

dove white beauty bar for soap browsPhoto: Amazon

This bar is the number one recommendation from dermatologists to use as your soap brows although it’s not the most popular, it still works just as well.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

4. West Barn Co. Soap Brows Kit

west barn co soap browsPhoto: West Barn Co.


This product is the most popular in terms of actual beauty soap brow products you can buy and it’s a great alternative to using an actual bar of soap. It comes with its own spoolie and tin of brow soap.

5. Ownest Brow Styling Soap

ownest brow styling soapPhoto: Amazon


Other than the West Barn Co. Soap Brow, this other soap brow product is a cult favorite and is a better bargain than the other brow product being about $5 or so cheaper.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

There are plenty of ways to treat yourself to some salon level eyebrow treatment even if you can't get out there!

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