'Southern Charm' Alum Thomas Ravenel Is Engaged! Meet His Fiancé, Heather Mascoe

Thomas Ravenel is engaged to his baby mama!

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Thomas Ravenel is a former politician and reality TV star, and is best known for his appearances on the hit Bravo reality show, Southern Charm.

The show, which debuted on Bravo in 2014, followed and uncovered many scandals within the elite families living in Charleston, South Carolina.

The reality show explores exclusivity, money, and scandal dating back through the generations. The show can be watched online on Bravo TV's website.


Thomas Ravenel, one of the most notable cast members from the show, recently announced that he is officially engaged to his baby mama, Heather Mascoe.

Who is Thomas Ravenel's fiancé, Heather Mascoe?

Here's everything you need to know about the woman who's ready to say "I do" to Thomas Ravenel.

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She's no stranger to scandal.

According to a tweet from her niece, Mascoe may not be the woman everyone thinks she is.

Her niece commented on Ravenel's tweet celebrating what a great mom Mascoe has been in the past months, writing, "Hope he’s actually yours. I know what Heather was doing while she was ‘dating’ you and what she’s continually doing around her kids. Hence why Leo took custody of her other children. Lol as her niece I salute you for being so nice to someone like her.”


What does Heather Mascoe do for a living?

Heather Mascoe is a registered nurse at Oriana Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina.

And that's all we know.


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How old is Heather Mascoe?

Heather Mascoe is reportedly 38 years old. That's 20 years younger than her soon-to-be husband.


Unfortunately, most of her personal information is private so her exact birthdate and zodiac sign are not available. 

How old is Thomas Ravenel?

Thomas Ravenel is 58 years old. He was born on August 11, 1962, making him a Leo.

How did Thomas Ravenel and Heather Mascoe meet?

It is unclear how the two officially met, but they have been on-and-off for some time.

Mascoe gave birth to their child in July of 2020 and five months later, Ravenel asked her to marry him.

No wedding date has been set yet, though.

Thomas Ravenel has been married before.

After a quick Google search, the only marriage Ravenel has had was to Mary Ryan Ravenel in1995. They divorced in 1998, but the reason for the divorce is unknown.


And he has two children from a previous relationship.

Thomas Ravenel had two children with his former co-star Kathryn Dennis. Their first Kensington (6), and youngest Saint (4). Ravenel has been in a messy custody battle since their split in 2015. 

However, the parents agreed to share joint legal and physical custody of the two children, with Ravenel “being the primary custodian,” according to the court documents.

Heather Mascoe was also married before.

Heather mascoe has also been married before. She was previously married to Konstantin Lanchava. The pair got divorced in 2017.


Heather Mascoe's ex-husband has custody of their children.

That's right. Heather Mascoe's ex-boyfriend, Leo Chiagkourishas, full custody of their son and daughter.

Their names have not been disclosed.

They have a newborn son together.

When Heather eventually gave birth to Ravenel's son, they were reportedly not together, but were friends.


Ravenel explained in an interview, "That’s how I’d put our relationship, really good friends. She’s happy and I’m happy.”

Their son's name is Jonathan Jackson Ravenel and Heather delivered him through a C-section.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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