Cecily Chapman To Wear Late Mother Beth's Wedding Dress — Meet Her Fiancé, Matty Smith

Meet Matty Smith!

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Cecily Chapman is a reality star and adopted daughter of big-time bounty hunter Duane "The Dog" Chapman. 

Cecily is currently a bail agent herself and runs a clothing line dedicated to her mother's death. 

Cecily is making headlines after revealing that she'll be wearing her late mother's wedding dress when she gets married later next year.

The exact wedding date has not been released yet, but it looks to be around the end of 2021.


Cecily has been engaged for a while now and is waiting for the perfect time to say 'I do' to her fiancé Matty Smith. So who is he?

Who is Cecily Chapman's fiancé, Matty Smith?

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Matty Smith is the current husband-to-be of reality star, Cecily Chapman.

Smith was originally born in Brazil but has lived most of his life in Honolulu, Hawaii.

He went to school at the Honolulu Community College and was part of the plumbing apprenticeship/ journey worker program there.

What does Matty Smith do?

According to his Instagram page, Matty Smith is a hardworking plumber.

He even has the plumber prayer posted on his Instagram.

The prayer talks about how the quality of one's work is the reflection of that person and asks the Lord to protect the person from harm.

How old is Matty Smith?

Matty Smith's age is not public but his birthday is reportedly on August 9, making Matty a Leo


Cecily Chapman is 27 years old.

She was born on June 19, 1993, making her a Gemini

How did Cecily Chapman and Matty Smith meet?

How the two love birds met isn't clear but they began dating in 2017, got engaged at Christmas of 2018, and plan to get married at the end of 2021.


Their exact wedding date has not been released yet, but Cecily stated that she would like a Halloween or Christmas wedding.

The couple wants to wait until the Covid-19 pandemic cools down before having their wedding, which is understandable.

Chapman revealed in an interview that she absolutely does not want to wear a mask down the aisle.  

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Matty comforted Cecily during her mother's death.

Cecily Chapman's mother Beth died of throat and lung cancer on June 26 of last year.

Losing her mother plunged Cecily into a deep dark depression, but she says her fiancé helped her through it.

Cecily said in an interview: "I feel like it took me a year of grieving to reassure myself that this is who I think I should be with because if he can put up with me at my best, my worst, then I feel like I should give him that shot. I feel like he deserves it because he’s been with me for thick and thin. And the fact that he slept by my side this whole time, just kind of reassuring me, as I struggled with my grief."

Matty Smith has a tattoo.

He has a tattoo on his rib cage that depicts country Brazil in the county's flag colors.


It's a dedication to his birthplace. 

Matty Smith enjoys fishing.

His hobbies include fishing which can be seen throughout his Instagram.

There are several photos where Smith is on a boat holding ginormous fish, one photo is of a swordfish that's nearly the same size as him.


He even won The Biggest Catch Competition in Ko Olina, Hawaii.

Matty Smith supports the military.

Throughout his Instagram, Smith has several posts dedicated to giving thanks and appreciation to the members of the United States military.


Many of the posts are sayings like, "Remember Our Troops".

Cecily Chapman's net worth is roughly $200,000 as of 2020.

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