Alicia Quarles To Host Third Hour Of 'Good Morning America' — Who's Her Ex-Husband, Michael Ross?

They're currently separated.

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Alicia Quarles is an American Journalist who's best known for her work on E! News, Top Five, and Daily Mail TV.

From working with Associated Press as the celebrity entertainment editor, and she has climbed up the ropes in her career.

The journalist has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2014 for her work on E! News.

Now, she's in the news again because she's excitedly joining the third hour of Good Morning America as a contributor.


Which begs the question: Is Alicia Quarles married? 

Who is Alicia Quarles's ex-husband, Michael Ross?

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Alicia Quarles was once married to a man named Michael Ross. They are currently separated though it's unclear if they're formally divorced.


How did Alicia Quarles and Michael Ross meet?

Alicia Quarles and Michael Ross met when they were students at The University of Southern California. They were college sweethearts.



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When did they get married?

The couple dated for five years before they got married in 2009. Quarles was 27, and Ross was 25. The exact date of their wedding is unknown.


Quarles was in a happy relationship at one point.

Quarles — at one point —  seemed very happy with her husband. 

In a 2012 interview she said, "Any grunt job that you can do, I’ve done. Never be above anything. It’s also personal life and time. You don’t necessary need to sacrifice having a personal life, I have a husband and he’s amazing. But you’re not going to make every girlfriend’s birthday party, you’re not going to be able to hang out late night like everybody else does."



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Who is Alicia Quarles's sister?

Alicia Quarles has a sister named Amber who has 2 children. In the view below, Quarles can be seen dancing with her nephew, Cayson last Christmas. She also has a niece named London Lynette Taylor, who was born on September 30th.



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Michael Ross's social media is non-existent.

Ross doesn't have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or any social media presence.


Quarles's Instagram is very public but only has posts relating to her job, her parents, or her sister's children. There's no mention of him at all. 



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Alicia is separated from Michael Ross.

In a post dedicated to her niece, London, Quarles mentions that her ex-husband "ran out of the room when it was time to push" — referencing the delivery of her niece.


Also, in a video interview, Quarles explains how her relationship went down a bad path. 

"I was working really hard and I thought that we were working together. I think he really started to resent me and then I started to resent him and [the relationship] became very toxic," Quarles said.

She said their relationship became toxic.

In another interview, Quarles talked about her former husband saying their relationship,"became very toxic," and that she wishes she would have worked just as hard on her own marriage as she did on her job.


She goes on to say she's partly at fault for her failed marriage.

Today, Quarles is still dating and her advice to everyone is to "be kind to yourself".

The date of her official divorce is unknown, but the interview is from 2018 so it's safe to assume they were separated before then.

What is Alicia Quarles's net worth?

Alicia Quarles's net worth is $10 million

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