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Sweet Details About Killer Mike's Relationship With Wife, Shana Render

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Killer Mike

Michael Santiago Render, a.k.a. Killer Mike, is an iconic rapper, songwriter, business owner, father, husband, and social activist. The list goes on and on. Killer Mike has been consistent in his efforts to be an advocate for racial justice. He collaborated with Ryan Glover and Andrew Young to form Grenwood, the first Black and Latinx digital bank.

The three raised $3 million for Grenwood in hopes to promote and support Black and Latinx causes and businesses. His hip hop duo, Run the Jewels, released a parody album titled Meow the Jewels, and donated the proceeds to the families of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, two Black men who were murdered by police officers in 2014. Proceeds were also donated to the National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Committee.

Killer Mike is also the first recipient of the Billboard Change Maker Award. The award "honors the artist or group that speaks truth to power through their music, celebrity and community." and that "Killer Mike's dedication to equality, social justice and financial literacy in the Black community has catapulted him as a headlining figure of social responsibility and activism, as demonstrated in the wake of the slayings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brooks."

His wife, Shana Render, is not always in standing in the spotlight but has been a major catalyst for Killer Mike's success. 

Who is Killer Mike's wife, Shana Render?

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Shana Render, a.k.a. Shay Bigga, is an influencer, real estate investor, business owner, and former rapper. Killer Mike and Shana co-own The SWAG Shop — Not Your Ordinary Barber Shop.  "Getting a haircut is about the experience, not merely an act of maintenance. It’s about going somewhere you want to be, versus going somewhere you have to go. It’s about a cool, casual, and artistic approach to self-care," is the description of the SWAG Shop.

In a joint interview, Shana said that when it comes to their business, "Mike is the face of the place, but I'm the business of the businesses. I make financial decisions. Any problems at the shop, I know about them first." Mike added that, "Shana has a masterful business mind. Much better than mine. It's my wife who was smart enough to make these investments."

How old is Shana Render?

While Shana Render's exact age isn't known, we do know she was born on June 4th, which makes her a Gemini.

To honor her quarantine birthday or “Shay Day”, Killer Mike and her assistant surprised her with an “unforgettable weekend.” Surrounded by family, friends, chocolate-covered strawberries, and iridescent gold, pink, and white balloons, the celebration looked magical in every definition of the word.

"Thank you to everyone for your calls, text, videos and messages." She wrote in her birthday Instagram post, "It’s important that no matter what, we are able to celebrate ourselves and find peace in the midst of any storm! For my solar return, I did just that!"


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What is Shana Render's net worth?

Shana Render's net worth has not been released to the public. Killer Mike's however, is a whopping total of $5million.

Killer Mike said marrying Shana was the best business decision he ever made.

The couple officially became one and said their "I Do's" in 2006. Ever since they celebrated their marriage, Shana has been Mikes's "fight coach" and "CEO of the family." In an interview, Mike said, “I went broke, I failed. My wife was the only person who believed in me and wouldn’t let me give up on myself.”

It was Shana who encouraged Mike to revitalize his rap career. Her unconditional love and support lead to the success of his solo albums and the formation of Run the Jewels.

How did Run the Jewels meet?

Killer Mike and Brooklyn-based rapper-producer, El-P, make up the hip hop duo, Run the Jewels. In 2011, the two became acquaintances at the hands of Jason DeMarco, a Cartoon Network Executive. Initially, EL-P produced R.A.P. Music, Killer Mike’s 2012 album. Mike was later featured on El-P’s album, Cancer for Cure. Soon, the rappers went on tour together. The end of their tour marked one of the greatest collaborations of all time — the supergroup, Run the Jewels.

“People were completely shocked, and in some cases even appalled intellectually at the idea that me and Mike were about to do a full record together,” El-P said in an interview. “There was never one second where we — Me, J nor Mike — didn’t know, that we didn’t have an evil grin on our faces, knowing. Like, ‘Oh these motherf*kers just don’t know. That’s the only reason. Trust, after this fuckin’ album, no one is ever gonna say that shit again.’ And they didn’t. And they never will.”

Killer Mike's kids: He and Shana have four children together.

This power couple collaborates on all levels — in the business department and the baby department. Shana and Mike are the proud mother and father of four kids: Pony, Mikey, Aniyah, and Malik. On October 6, 2020, Killer Mike posted a photo of Mikey, Pony, and their dog, Bear, to Instagram. "'Mikey' & 'Pony Boy' Render. Also known as Michael and Mikael Render. These two are Sister and Brother & thick as thieves. I am grateful. They are an inspiration."

In an interview, Killer Mike talked about the do's and don'ts of fatherhood. "All my children," he said, "I think I had too early and I didn’t have a marriage and as an adult, you realize that’s not right to the kids or yourself, the kids or the mother. I was raised in my grandparents two-parent household so I knew what a two-parent household was supposed to look like."

"My grandparents were all-inclusive if there was an event for me, everybody had to come — didn’t matter if you were bio or non-bio [parent], if you are my father, we expect you to be there. In my life, I was encompassed in a circle of very good men and never thought I made some of the same mistakes they made — I had the resources they didn’t. I have a very involved family."


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