LisaRaye Accuses Nicole Murphy Of Being A Homewrecker — New Deets On The Feud

Lisa Raye isn't holding back!

Are LisaRaye And Nicole Murphy Feuding? New Details On Her Claims That Murphy Slept With Her Husband Instagram

LisaRaye is described as many things — raw, irascible, and just plain real — and now, she's taking aim at another longtime nemesis. For years, LisaRaye has had issues with Stacey Dash, and it was only recently that we discovered the depths of that beef. But now, we've discovered another beef! Are LisaRaye and Nicole Murphy feuding?

Known best as one of the stars of VH1's Single Ladies, LisaRaye has a reputation in the entertainment industry for being a hard-scrabble, take-no-mess woman who knows what she wants and is unafraid to get it. Nicole Murphy, for her part, is best known for being Eddie Murphy's ex-wife and a former model. Unfortunately, Nicole Murphy has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons, as of late, because of her alleged affair with director Antoine Fuqua (while, of course, he's still married to Lela Rochon). 


Let's look at what we know about the LisaRaye/Nicole Murphy feud. 

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1. LisaRaye said that Nicole Murphy slept with her husband. 

"Nicole did a play on words. That was bulls–t what she said. I never said she broke up my marriage. I would not even give her that much credit. I said she slept with my husband. That is what I said and what I mean," LisaRaye told The New York Post

2. Nicole Murphy denied the claims. 

Nicole Murphy went on The Wendy Williams Show to dispute the claims made by LisaRaye that she was a homewrecker. Check it out below. 


3. LisaRaye is also feuding with Duane Martin. 

According to Too Fab, Duane Martin — who was married to Tisha Campbell of Martin fame — was once LisaRaye's best friend. However, after she introduced her now-ex-husband to him, they had a huge fight, and now, her former "brother" and her no longer speak. 

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4. LisaRaye also said that both Nicole Murphy and Rocsi Diaz slept with her husband. 

"[LisaRaye] said the last straw was "a lot of shenanigans" and had to do with him not being honest. LisaRaye also accused Rosci Diaz of being "in places that she shouldn't have been," before turning her sights to Nicole Murphy," reported Too Fab, who said that Nicole Murphy also slept with Antoine Fuqua, and that she was nothing more than a homewrecker.


5. And despite Nicole Murphy's denials, LisaRaye says she has the receipts. 

According to OK! Magazine, LisaRaye and Nicole Murphy recently had a heart-to-heart talk, and LisaRaye said that Nicole Murphy admitted that she slept with her husband. For LisaRaye, that was enough, but when Nicole Murphy denied sleeping with her husband on The Wendy Williams Show, LisaRaye went for her guns again. 

6. LisaRaye challenges Nicole Murphy to "say it to her face" that she's lying. 

LisaRaye would like to introduce Nicole Murphy to her hand, according to "I was like, 'No, b***h... No. I didn't say that. I never said you broke up my marriage. That ain't what I said.' I'ma let her play on words with that but she might wanna come and see me. She might want to see me and tell me that face to face. I would accept that," she said.


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