The Incredible New Program For Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

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What Is Selfmade? Details About The New Online Startup School For Women

2020 has already been a year for the books, and while we’re all trying to make the best of the last few months of the year, Brit + Co and Office Depot have teamed up to help women everywhere during these unprecedented times by sponsoring Selfmade, an online startup school for women.

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What is Selfmade?

Selfmade is a virtual online startup school for women that is hosted by Brit + Co founders Brit Morin and Anjelika Temple. The 10-week course will teach women to hone in on their own unique, highly specialized skills to help them grow their own business during these strange times of job uncertainty. 

“With unemployment at record highs and mental health at record lows, Selfmade just seemed like the right thing to do at this moment,” founder and CEO of Brit + Co Brit Morin said. “Knowing the tools, expertise, and network at our disposal, we couldn’t sit around and watch so many women miss the opportunity to change their lives and make money on their own terms.”

Gerry Smith, chief executive officer for Office Depot and The ODP Corporation added, “We’re thrilled to partner with Brit + Co to help entrepreneurs start and grow their business. With the new tools and skill sets learned, as well as inspiration from some of the most successful women in business, we hope the students complete the program feeling empowered to build the business of their dreams.”


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A portion of the proceeds will go to digitalundivided, an organization whose vision is “to create a world where women own their work,” which falls perfectly in line with Selfmade’s mission.

“Founded in 2012 by tech pioneer, Kathryn Finney, Didtechnology, Inc (d.b.a digitalundivided), is a social startup with 501 (c) 3 status that merges data and heart to develop innovative programs and initiatives  that catalyzes economic growth in Black and Latinx communities,” their website reads. 

“I applaud Brit, Anjelika, and Gerry’s initiative and insight in launching Selfmade and targeting it to entrepreneurial women who could benefit from it most,” commented Andrea Miller, CEO & Founder of YourTango.

"With 95% of venture capital STILL going to male-led ventures, female entrepreneurs continue to face a completely un-level playing field — especially women of color. Economic empowerment goes hand in hand with emotional and other forms of empowerment and so helping more women succeed as entrepreneurs is a powerful, important way to help these enterprising individuals create more jobs, invigorate their communities, and energize their connections, creating a powerful emotional and economic network effect at a time it is sorely needed," Andrea added. "Bravo to Brit + Co and Office Depot!"

What’s included in the Selfmade course?

There are many perks included in Selfmade’s curriculum, including over 15 hours of instruction explaining all the aspects of starting your own company, one-on-one coaching and group chats, “access to world class experts in tech, finance, marketing, sales, and investing,” and customizable templates for all your marketing needs, including pitch decks and more. 

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Students will also be able to hear from women who are CEOs, founders, investors, and experts in their fields. Bozoma Saint John (CMO of Netflix), Julia Hartz (founder and CEO of Eventbrite), Tina Sharkey (former founder and CEO, Brandless), Joy Cho (founder and CEO of Oh Joy) and more have signed on to teach during the 10-week course. 

Who is eligible to enroll in Selfmade?

Thanks to Office Depot’s sponsorship, up to 200 women from underrepresented communities, women of color, and women who need a little extra support to help them grow their business will be able to take the course for free. 

Registration for Selfmade is currently open. You can nominate yourself, a friend, family member, colleague, or anyone else you think would benefit from Selfmade’s 10-week online startup school for women by clicking here and filling out a short application form explaining why you or a loved one deserves a spot in the unique course Brit + Co and Office Depot are offering.

Classes for Selfmade start on Oct. 5.

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