10 Ways Your House Plants Make You A Better Partner

10 Ways Your House Plants Make You A Better Partner dima berlin / shutterstock

A classic staple in the home, house plants became even more popular in the months of coronavirus quarantine.

It's well-documented that house plants are good for both your physical and mental health. House plants can aid in allergy relief, purify the air, and even make you feel happier. As it turns out, your plant babies also make you much more well-equipped for a healthy and happy relationship! Here's how.


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1. They make you consider how much time you have to invest in a relationship.

Different plants need different levels of care. There are some like the maidenhair fern which, while incredibly beautiful, require constant misting and supervision or it’ll wither from being dried out.


The amount of care a maidenhair fern needs easily translates to a partner who wants you to text them all the time. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to have to check your phone all the time, this may not be the best relationship for you. But if you’re someone who loves constant communication, this is the plant for you. 

2. They make you reflect on whether or not you're emotionally available.

When you’re choosing plants, you are forced to look at your environment. You have to think about the sunlight your rooms get, the drafts that may be coming in, and if there’s anything around you that’s blocking the light.

Likewise, if you’re looking to date someone new but you’re still not over your ex, you can’t properly give the relationship the attention it deserves.

3. They help you learn to compromise.

Let’s say you really want a plant but you don’t have any sunlight in your apartment. Does this mean you should never have plants? No! If you’re committed to having a plant, the lack of light gives you a chance to think outside the box. Maybe you can't get the jade plant you wanted, but a snake plant would look awesome in that shady corner of your room! 


This can easily translate to compromising in a relationship. Let’s say your partner wants you to text them all the time. if they’re someone you want in your life, work out a way to meet their needs and yours.

4. They help you realize it's okay when things don't work out.

There are some plants that won’t be happy in your space no matter how much you try. You can water them more, water them less, move them all over your apartment but they still won’t be happy. Rude. Kidding!

Everything is a lesson you can learn from. Let this teach you that it’s okay to walk away from something that isn’t working. 

5. They make you realize you can't change someone to make a relationship work.

If a plant needs low light, it needs low light. There’s no way around it. With plants, love lost is a little more obvious than unanswered texts and canceled plans. If you’re unable to give plants the care they need you’ll be able to tell by drooping, burnt, or yellow leaves. It hurts to see the physical reminders of how unhappy they are, but ultimately it’s reassuring.


With plants, it's easier to accept you can’t change them but the same rule definitely applies to people. There’s a difference between thinking something is wrong and knowing it is. Thinking causes anxiety, knowing brings acceptance. 

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6. They remind you that there's someone out there for everyone.

There are low maintenance plants (like Pothos, Monstera, and Fiddle Leaf Figs) for people who are low maintenance. There are high maintenance plants (Maidenhair Fern, Bonsai, and Orchids) for people who are high maintenance. Low-light plants for people who have low light, and full sun plants for people who have bright homes.

The same goes for people — just because one relationship doesn't work out doesn't mean none of them will! You just have to find the right one for you.


7. They make you kinder.

It's easier to receive love if you can give it! Plants help you put others' needs above your own in a low stakes environment. 

8. They make you realize everyone needs to be treated as an individual.

A snake plant needs different care than a Monstera. One plant never needs to be watered while the other needs watering on a weekly basis. If you never watered a Monstera, it would dry up. If you always watered a snake plant, it would get root rot.

If you tried to always make plans with someone who values having their own space, they would pull away. We often expect people want to be loved in the way we do, but that’s rarely the case. In order to love someone, you have to listen to them. 

9. They make you a better listener. 

How do you listen to something that can’t talk? By paying attention and taking notice.


It’s easier to fix things if you notice them early. If you see your plants leaves drooping, give them some water. If you notice you’re not connecting with your partner recently, plan a romantic date night. 

10. They make you never want to settle.

Okay. Absolutely no judgment on fake plants ― unless... No! I’m joking. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with having them. You just don’t get all the benefits. House plants can be air purifying, reduce noise and stress levels, and boost your mood.

In the same way, after experiencing a real connection with someone, you would never settle for something because it's more convenient or ‘easier.’ 


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