The INFP Personality Type's Biggest Dating Strengths & Weaknesses

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The INFP Personality Type's Biggest Dating Strengths & Weaknesses

People who fall under the INFP personality type are often idealistic, sensitive, and artistic, and have a unique set of dating strengths and weaknesses.

INFPs have their head in the clouds, which means they often need a partner who is able to ground them. They often get written off as naive, overly emotional, and vulnerable.

Known as the Mediator according to Myers-Briggs, an INFP is someone who is introverted, intuitive, feeling, and prospecting. INFPs follow their heart and are deeply empathetic. 

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There are strengths and weaknesses to dating the INFP personality type. Here are three strengths and three weaknesses of an INFP partner. 

INFP Dating Strengths 

Some of INFP's best qualities like loyalty and compassion make them wonderful romantic partners.

INFPs love their partner unconditionally.

INFPs see the good in everyone. This is especially true for their partner; they care deeply for others and believe it is their duty to make their partner’s life as good as it possibly can. 

While some might say this makes the INFP a little self-sacrificial, as partners they are overwhelmingly generous. 

As true empaths, they have a lot to offer; they have a unique perspective on the world (as they are one of the rarer Myer-Brings types) and are great listeners, which ultimately means they will always be on your side. 

When you feel really crummy about yourself, the INFP will always be there to help you see what you have to offer the world. 

You never have to doubt the INFP’s loyalty to you, because once they see something good worth pursuing, they will never stray from their path, whether it be a just cause or a romantic partner. 

They know when to compromise.

INFPs don’t get into a lot of fights. They always know exactly what to say to de-escalate the conflict; as the mediator, this is their specialty. 

Some might say that this makes the INFP frustratingly weak-willed; some people want to date someone who has a backbone, and many times, the INFP will sacrifice their personal comforts to appease someone else. 

But sometimes, in a partner, it is good to have someone who is naturally adept at communication. INFPs might not have everything internally sorted out, but externally, they always know how to fight fair. 

The INFP will never say something harsh in an argument just to make a point or blow up at you without any good reason. This makes them good partners for long-lasting relationships, as they are very good at conflict resolution. 

They are passionate creatives.

Many celebrated poets, artists, and writers are all INFPs. INFPs have a huge imagination. This means that they come at many things at a unique angle; the INFP plans dates that can be unconventional but adventurous. 

They are able to connect many disparate ideas into a fascinating narrative, which, when they do decide to talk, fascinating storytellers. 

Dating an INFP means getting lost for hours as the INFP recounts something interesting that happened to them that day, or a fascinating new topic the INFP stumbled upon and now finds neverendingly fascinating. 

You are never limited to the constraints of the real world when talking to the INFP; when dating them you will always learn something new, whether it be a new topic or even just a new quirk about the INFP themselves. 

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INFP Dating Weaknesses 

Of course, no one is perfect, and INFPs are no exceptions. These personality flaws sometimes make dating a little more difficult for this personality type.

They are a little too romantic.

INFPs are overcommitted. This isn’t to say that they will just commit to the first thing they find: no INFP’s are prospecting, which means they weigh out their options. But the second they decide they like you, there is no such thing as moving too fast. They will pour their entire heart behind their partner, whether or not you are ready for it. 

In their mind, their romantic partner is without flaw. So in their quest to find all the good in you, they will ignore a lot of your shortcomings in slightly unhealthy ways.

Being too romantic also means they are never realistic about dating. They will always expect a fairytale ending and will go beyond what are practical lengths to ensure they can get this fairytale ending.

The INFP probably won’t get why you can’t move in together after three months or might insist on continuing a relationship you personally feel isn’t working anymore. 

They don’t know how to acknowledge the bad or the practical in a sensible way, which might make dating them a little difficult. 

They never look at the details.

INFPs hate dealing with the little stuff. That means some INFPs are infamous for forgoing daily routines like grocery shopping, cooking, showering if it means they are lost in their fantasy world. 

This personality type works very well with the big picture, but with details, everything becomes a logistical nightmare. Planning a trip or moving in together with the INFP can sound sweet in concept, but don’t expect the INFP to plan anything. 

If you do, the INFP will immediately become disorganized. They will lose track of little things, like dates, or locations, or flights, and they get easily confused. 

As a personality type that is more in tune with emotions, morality, and ideals, facts and data can be a little hard for them to stomach. 

They are hard to get to know.

INFPs have a thick shell. This is because they are terrified of being misunderstood, and will only open up once they sense you will not judge or disparage what they perceive as their unique sense of self. 

Oftentimes, when talking to an INFP, you will realize you are definitely dominating the conversation. Because despite their imaginative personalities, they are very reluctant to actually share anything about themselves. 

INFPs are incredibly reserved, which means you will have to be the one to take the lead on most stages in the relationship. 

Does the INFP fall in love easily? 

INFP’s are idealists, which means they are also deep romantics. They love the concept of love; they love exploring connections they have with likeminded people. 

INFP’s struggle with feeling misunderstood and out of place, so once they finally find that one partner who gets them, they will fall hard and quick. 

What does the INFP personality type need in a partner? 

INFPs need three main things from a partner: a person who understands them, a person who can help them understand their place in the world, and a person who can keep them grounded. 

The day-to-day can be a struggle for INFPs — often in their creative quests, they start to neglect the demands of daily upkeep. 

This can be a challenge for a potential partner, as they will need to work extra hard to keep the INFP organized. 

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