7 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas For Quarantined Brides-To-Be

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The coronavirus pandemic didn’t just delay thousands of flights, it also delayed thousands of wedding plans! Still, there are a lot of fun bachelorette party ideas that you can enjoy without putting anyone at risk.

Planning a virtual party that isn’t tacky or tasteless? Sounds tricky — but not impossible.

The same rules of thumb for planning a traditional in-person bachelorette party can be applied to planning a contactless one.

Socially-Distanced Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Obviously, throwing a bachelorette party in a pandemic isn’t ideal. But whether you're the maid-of-honor or bride-to-be trying to make the most of the situation, here are some fun ideas to get you started!

1. Send DIY cocktail (or mocktail) kits in the mail

Are you seriously considering BYOB? This is a bachelorette party, not an undergraduate under-the-sea themed pre-game! Provide for your guests instead of asking them to purchase their ingredients. Just because you are unable to celebrate IRL, doesn't mean the party has to lose its class.

From blackberry vodka sangria to pomegranate Moscow mules, there is a wide array of DIY cocktail kits to choose from online. Consider DIY cupcake decorating kits or Build-Your-Own charcuterie boards, if you prefer to not incorporate alcohol. What matters most is delivering the party straight to everyone's door. 

It's the perfect way to give off the illusion that you and your closest friends are sitting in the same room.   

2. Virtual karaoke

What's a party without karaoke? Coordinating this activity virtually is a whole lot easier than it sounds. Thanks to watch2gether, you can share any karaoke track with the click of a button. And the sharing of a link, of course. 

Ask your friends ahead of time to send you their ultimate karaoke banger requests. Be sure to make sure your go-to tracks work ahead of time. There are bound to be some technical difficulties, so eliminate that stress ahead of time. The more organized, the better. 

It will probably have you second-guessing whether or not in-person karaoke is actually a good idea. This virtual alternative guarantees that everyone gets home safely. No missing iPhones, no taking one-too-many shots, or giving out your number to someone who probably doesn't deserve it. 

3. Livestream a dance class

Dance like a beast, look like a beauty. Splurge on tango or salsa dancing lessons online. When in doubt, phone the professionals! 

Too expensive? Not a problem. There are tons of choreography videos on YouTube. Have everyone share their screens and bop to the top from home. You can even coordinate a dress-up theme around the dance number of your choosing. 

Slip-on a pair of your highest platform shoes, and search the choreography of your favorite Spice Girls video on YouTube. Strut your stuff like its the early 2000s.

Or, kick the party off with a group Zombie makeup tutorial, and then bust a move to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

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4. Virtual spa day

A little bit of relaxation goes a long way. Especially amid an anxiety-inducing global pandemic. Whether you're still adjusting to the transition of commuting to an office to working from home or smoothing out the logistics of your child's online learning, a day off will do you wonders. 

Break out the cucumber slices and face masks! Tell your maid of honor to send out pre-packaged beauty kits packed with spa day essentials

You can even ask everyone to contribute to the agenda by leading the group through their favorite beauty routine. It's a great way to share style tips without walking out the front door.

5. Virtual tarot card reading

Struggling to live in the moment these days? Clinging desperately onto the past and fantasizing about the distant future isn't really doing you any favors. Do yourself a favor and let yourself escape from the present moment with some guidance.

A tarot card reading isn't solely designed to tell us what the future has in store from us, but helps us reflect and process our past. Hiring a virtual tarot card reader is a great way to foster a socially distanced sense of intimacy amongst you and your friends. 

6. Cut and paste

Grab a glue stick and your favorite glitter gel pens. Embrace your inner kindergartener and try your best to cut in a straight line. Painting, collaging, sculpting, sewing, and downright super gluing random objects together — the options are endless!

Have your maid-of-honor curate packages of supplies and drop them off on everyone's doorstep. Arts and crafts are a great way to bring any group together even when far apart.

Come on, now! Don't be shy. Get those creative juices flowing. The best part of this idea? Everyone will walk away with a handmade party favor.

7. Camp — or glamp — in the woods

Young and sweet, quarantine, you are the camping queen!

All that Zooming is starting to take a toll on your mental well-being, isn't it? Ditch the technology for a weekend and spend a weekend in the woods.

This bachelorette party idea works best if you invite a tight-knit group of friends that all live relatively close. Roast some marshmallows by the fire and tell spooky stories. The only tweets you'll wake up to will be the ones coming from actual birds. Count the stars before you sleep, instead of scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Everyone could benefit from a social media detox. But be sure to communicate that camping is something your friends would be up for! Everyone's social-distance boundaries are different. Allow your friends to opt-out if they don't feel safe, and make a pact with one another that everyone will quarantine for at least two weeks before the trip. 

Don't forget your masks in case! It's also a great way to protect your face from being stung by mosquitoes at night!

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