Ravi Patel's Parents Are The Most Darling Couple On TV Right Now

These two are the cutest.

Who Are Ravi Patel's Parents? Meet Champa And Vasant Patel Lev radin / Shutterstock

We first met actor Ravi Patel's parents in the 2014 documentary, Meet the Patels, which focused on his life and his parents' wish for him to settle down and get married, and now, they're back in his new HBO Max series, Ravi Patel: The Pursuit of Happiness. Those who have seen Meet the Patels can attest to how absolutely adorable Patel's mom and dad are — and that the documentary (and the new series) couldn't possibly give us enough footage of them. Ravi Patel's parents are darling.


Who are Ravi Patel's parents, Champa and Vasant Patel?

Here's what you need to know... and prepare for no other love story to ever add up. 

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Ravi Patel's parents met through an arranged marriage. 



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As they discussed in Meet the Patels, Champa and Vasant originally met through an arranged marriage. When Vasant was 27 and Champa was 19, they met through a newspaper ad placed by their parents and married 10 days later, and Champa credits Vasant's sense of humor for falling in love with him so fast. 


“He made me laugh within the first 10 minutes, so I thought, ‘This guy might be OK,’” she said.

Who is Vasant Patel? 

Vasant Patel is retired, but had a pretty impressive career. Not only did Vasant serve as executive producer on Meet The Patels, but that's just one job he's had over his career. Though he's currently retired, he founded a career consulting firm called CPResume that became the largest in the Carolinas, and had roles including design engineer and financial advisor as well.

Who is Champa Patel?

Though Champa's main gig is realtor, after starring in Meet the Patels, she was inspired to go into acting. She went on to star in a romantic comedy called We Were Islands alongside Vasant. 

"Champa is considered a pillar of her community and one of the best matchmakers around. Champa has been working as a successful realtor for the past ten years in Charlotte, North Carolina. An active member of the Indian community, Champa helps support EKAL which provides basic education to low-income children in rural India," said her bio on the movie's website.


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Ravi's mom is also a matchmaker.

Champa is also a matchmaker, and in an interview to promote Meet the Patels, she opened up about finding a good match

"I think the main factors that play a role in a relationship are that you both need to have many basic fundamentals of life that are the same in order to be together," she explained. "They have to be common in order for you to be together, like the way you live your life, your religion, culture, education and family. There is also somewhat financial status and family status. All of this makes a match in finding someone. That is what I look for. When I do that, I normally ask the girl or boy about their education, where they come from and what their parents do. That gives me some idea whether this is going to work out or not."

Ravi's parents are proud of their kids. 

In another interview, Vasant called Ravi "the family clown," saying that he's been performing his entire life (and with Champa chiming in that he can always make anyone laugh). Meanwhile, he said that their daughter, Geeta, is always doing art projects, and she was the one who was filming them for Meet the Patels. "I was so proud of my babies," Champa added. 


Ravi Patel is still just as close with his parents. 

Just by following Ravi's Instagram, it's easy to see that he and his parents are still as close as ever, and they continue to spend time together, even when they're not working on new projects. This family has the sweetest relationship, and hopefully, we'll get to see even more from them in the future.


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