Did Todd Chrisley Have Plastic Surgery? Creepy New Photo Makes Him Look 12 Years Old

Here's what Todd had to say.

Did Todd Chrisley Have Plastic Surgery? Creepy New Photo Makes Him Look 12 Years Old Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Todd Chrisley's been embroiled in a scandal or two during his time as the star of Chrisley Knows Best, but is secretly going under the knife one of them? Recently, there have been rumors that Chrisley has undergone plastic surgery based on one of his latest selfies... and it's easy to see why people think that he's having cosmetic procedures. Despite the fact that he's over 50 years old, Chrisley looks younger these days than he ever has. 


But what's the truth?

Did Todd Chrisley have plastic surgery?

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Todd Chrisley recently posted a selfie where he looked much younger than usual. 



A post shared by Todd Chrisley (@toddchrisley) on Aug 16, 2020 at 8:38am PDT

Chrisley first raised fans' suspicions when he took to Instagram to share a new selfie earlier this week, where he looked impossibly younger than ever. His skin looked perfectly smooth, with no signs of wrinkles anywhere — in the right lighting, he definitely could have passed as a teenager! He was showing off his freshly shaved face after wife Julie Chrisley requested that he go clean shaven for a change (a look he called "basic and boring") and in letting his followers see his bare face, he opened up a whole can of worms. Real Housewife Lisa Rinna commented that Chrisley looked 12 and Tamra Judge weighed in, saying "You look 18."


Chrisley denied having plastic surgery In the comments.

Replying to fans comments who asked him If he had gotten a face lift and filler, Chrisley denied everything. "You are so kind, I actually have no filler in my face, but if you sleep better thinking that, then consider me fillered up," he responded to one commenter who claimed his face had been altered by filler. In another comment, he said that he hadn't used a filter on this photo and had never had any plastic surgery done, but that he could consider it "maybe in the future." 

His daughter, Savannah Chrisley, explained what makes him look so young.

Savannah jumped In to answer comments herself, letting fans know that no, it's not a face lift — her dad is actually religious about his Botox sessions. In fact, Chrisley confirmed that, sharing that he gets Botox treatments every six months, as well as "halo laser" and HydroFacials. With that kind of combination, it's no wonder his skin still looks so youthful. 

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Todd Chrisley talked about being open to plastic surgery in the past.

On an episode of Chrisley Knows Best from 2013, Chrisley was preparing for his 47th birthday and considered plastic surgery, though it's not clear if it's something he ever decided to through with for real. It's definitely been on his radar, though, which makes sense, if he's visiting a doctor for procedures like Botox so often.


His daughter, Savannah Chrisley, has admitted to having her own cosmetic procedures. 

The Chrisley family in general Isn't shy about their plastic surgery whatsoever. Savannah herself has admitted to getting a nose job, which she shared with fans in an Instagram Story from 2018, though at the same time, she also denied ever getting breast implants. 


A post shared by Savannah Faith Chrisley (@savannahchrisley) on Jul 6, 2020 at 12:09pm PDT

Did Todd Chrisley actually have plastic surgery, though?

Of course, there's always that chance that Chrisley is lying and doesn't want to share his true cosmetic procedures with the world but at this point, we just have to take his word for it. According to the real estate tycoon himself, he's plastic surgery free ... although Botox is his still his treatment of choice, and so far, he seems to be wearing it well. 


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