Who Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Wife? Everything To Know About Tasha McCauley


Who Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Wife? Everything To Know About Tasha McCauley Debby Wong / Shutterstock

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an award-winning actor who, perhaps, first came to our attention when he starred in 10 Things I Hate About You. But it was his breakthrough role in 3rd Rock From The Sun that forever cemented his place in the pop culture zeitgeist, and 90's babies have been following his career ever since. 

But behind every great man lies an even greater woman, and Gordon-Levitt is no exception. Today, he made headlines when he gushed about being a dad on Jimmy Fallon, and we were reminded why we fell in love with him all over again


Who is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's wife, Tasha McCauley?

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Who is Tasha McCauley, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's wife? She's a tech entrepreneur. 

Tasha McCauley is no shrinking violet. She's the founder and CEO of the Fellow Robots technology company, which provides "cloud-based inventory management and supply chain solutions." The company, which is also sometimes known as "FellowAI," works with Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, electronics, healthcare, and retail industries.


Tasha McCauley still works in technology to this day. 

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is currently the CEO of GeoSimCities Systems, which creates 3D models of cities with great precision. She's also a graduate of Bard College in New York City, and finished her MBA at the University of Southern California.  

How did Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley meet?

Gordon-Levitt confirmed that they met through mutual friends and were set up on a blind date. McCauley impressed Gordon-Levitt with her ability to speak three languages, and clearly, she's very accomplished as well. 


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Gordon-Levitt first confirmed he was dating her in 2013. 

Back in 2013, Gordon-Levitt gave an interview in which he confirmed he had a girlfriend (who, it would later be revealed, would turn out to be McCauley). However, he didn't give many details about her, because he said she's "not in the public eye" and has "no interest" in fame. "I get up in movies and I play other people, so when the audience is watching me in movies, I don't want them thinking about me and who I'm dating, and blah blah blah. I want them to see the character, the story that I'm telling," he said, explaining why he preferred to keep his private life private.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley got married in 2014. 

In 2014, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley got married in an intimate ceremony in their home. They didn't release any other details about their wedding and they didn't include pictures in their statement at the time, either. According to Gordon-Levitt, there's a reason for that: "I'm married to a woman who doesn't like strangers being privy to her life and relationships. We kept our wedding a secret. It wasn’t that difficult because we didn’t tell many people about it. As much as some people may disagree, I don’t believe a person’s private life — even a person in entertainment — is a public performance. I also want very much to respect my wife’s wishes — and frankly mine too — that we keep our private life private."

Gordon-Levitt and McCauley shares two children together. 

On a recent episode of The Tonight Show, which you can see above, Gordon-Levitt gushed about being a father to the couple's two sons. He said that it was "the best," and grinned when Fallon complimented him on his fatherhood skills. However, just as he has made very few details of his marriage public, he's doing the same with his son and their names. The couple hasn't even released pictures of their sons. "My son, he’s just a baby, you know? He hasn’t made the choice to be in the public eye, and that’s a choice that I would like him to be able to make when he’s older, when he can think about these kinds of things and make that decision for himself," he said back in 2015.


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