This Twitter Math Problem Has Everyone Arguing Over The Correct Answer

Oh, no, math wants us to solve it's problems again...

This Twitter Math Problem Has Everyone Arguing Over The Correct Answer getty

There's a math problem going viral online because it appears to have no distinct correct answer.

I'm surely not a math person but this seemingly simple question stumps me. This is like that dress that people were seeing as either blue and black or white and gold, or the blue and gray sneakers that some people saw as pink and white.

Here we go again solving math's problems.

This math problem has caused chaos on Twitter.


Try it out yourself: 8/2(2+2)=?

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The equation is even stumping mathematicians, with some people adamant about the answer being 1 while others swear it's 16.


Have you heard of PEMDAS to solve math problems?

Well, the cute little acronym means, "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally."

P = Parenthesis, E = exponents, M = multiply, D = divide, A= add, S = subtract

This sequence is the order you use to go about answering these complex math equations.


Let's look at the two ways to break down this math problem.

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Option 1: The answer is 1.

So to break down the equation, first, you do what is in the parenthesis.


And this equals 4.

Now the math problem is 8/2(4).

Next, you do the multiplication.


This equals 8.

The equation then turns into 8/8.

Lastly, you divide 8 by 8 and you get 1.

So the answer to this equation is 1.

Option 2: The answer is 16.

But, if you think multiplication and division are equal, then you would do something like this.




Here they like to go ahead and divide 8 by 2 which is 4.


So, we are left with 4(4) which equals 16.

What do you think the answer is?

Personally, I believe that both answers work, but yes, it is unclear which answer would be taken over the other. All I know is from experience that math teachers will take answers like this when the problem is unclear and if you can logically explain how you reached your answer.

Math does not always have a clear and direct answer. Sometimes there is not an answer that is stronger than the other. Most of the time, you just have to be able to explain how you got there.


It's just one of those things that sometimes you have to agree to disagree on.

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