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16-Year-Old Girl In Critical Condition With Burns To 30% Of Her Body After Being Hit By Intoxicated Teen Driver

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16-Year-Old Girl In Critical Condition After Tragically Being Hit By Another Teen Driver

On July 22, 2020, the lives of four teenagers from Orange County, Florida changed drastically when they were struck by another 16-year-old who was reportedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

The four teenagers were standing in a driveway after police broke up a party at a rented vacation home in nearby Polk County when they were hit by a car. 

Three of the victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

However, Avery Barnes is in critical condition.

The vehicle dragged Barnes about 450 feet before she dislodged from the car.

The driver hit another car and reportedly went across multiple driveways and lawns before finally coming to a stop.

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"Detectives are still working to determine who was responsible for renting the vacation home, and who invited all of the teens — further charges are possible related to that portion of the investigation," Sheriff Grady Judd said.

According to police, the 16-year-old driver's blood alcohol level clocked in at .121.

Barnes was airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital.

ABC Action News reports that she had major "internal injuries, multiple fractures, and lost skin and muscle."

Avery Barnes' GoFundMe page describes the teen's horrific injuries.

The page reveals that she has serious burns and skin injuries to over 30% of her body.

In an effort to help Barnes heal, they said she "will require dozens of reconstructive and painful surgeries, skin grafts, lengthy hospital stays, and extensive physical therapy."

Right now they are trying to raise money to help cover the extensive medical costs that Barnes will acquire throughout her recovery.

Barnes' aunt Karen Jacobs continuously provides updates on her condition. On July 28, 2020, Jacobs wrote that Barnes had woken up, six days after the accident.

"She has had some brief eye-opening! No commands yet but she is responding to physical therapy and letting them know she doesn’t like it!! I don’t blame her! Her body has been through so much! It feels so amazing to actually write those words and share this good news with you, Praise God! What a testimony to prayer and persistence this is!!" her aunt wrote.

"Avery still has a long road ahead of her though! Today she will go in for surgery for more wound debridement for her midsection," she continued. "They are removing some of the bad tissue in that area so that it will promote healthy tissue and skin to grow. Pray the surgery goes well! Also please continue to pray that her brain pressure continues to stay in the normal range as they try to lay her flat again today."

As a more recent update on July 28 for the vigil they held outside of the hospital, Karen wrote, "The doctors ended up NOT doing surgery today, not sure why. She seemed to be briefly alert this morning but still very sleepy and nodded her head when her mother said 'I love you.' She has been sleeping though for the rest of the day so there’s not much else to report at the moment. "

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Barnes' boyfriend Patrick Parker created a TikTok to share news about her accident and current condition.


Reckless driver accident  Prayers please & donate if you can. Thank you  ##prayersforavery ##fyp ##foryoupage

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He wrote, "Right now, my girlfriend is fighting for her life. She never fails to put a smile on anyone's face."

In a recent video, Parker shared some of Barnes' progress. 


Update on Avery! Please continue praying! Donate if you can! And share! (info in bio) ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage

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"Avery is getting better in 'baby steps'," he wrote, revealing that she's beginning to move her arms and legs and is waiting on a CT scan so the doctors can address any brain damage. "Her neurologists are pleased with her progress so far."

Sheriff Grady Judd told ABC Action News, "This is one of those events that parents always fear ... a mix of unsupervised teens, a house party, alcohol, and a horrific result."

Barnes will need around-the-clock care from aids and her family for a long time. But they are optimistic about a recovery time of around 18-24 months. However, her family notes that she will never be the same physically or emotionally.

Barnes' GoFundMe page has raised $170,000 so far towards their $200,000 goal.

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