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Dancehall Artist Vershon Involved In A Horrific Car Crash — What We Know About His Condition

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Who Is Vershon? New Details On The Dancehall Artist Involved In A Horrific Car Crash And His Prognosis

Who is Vershon? 

That's the question that's been on everyone's mind since it was revealed the rising star in the Jamaican dancehall was involved in a horrific car crash in the United States. 

So what's his prognosis? Is he going to be alright? 

Even though Vershon's name doesn't ring any bells — yet — in the mainstream music world, his name is becoming hotter than ever in the Jamaican dancehall community. Coming out of the Portmore school in Jamaica — the same place that gave a start to the legendary Vybz Kartel — Vershon's name is quickly becoming synonymous with infectious music, bum-skilly beats, and neck-turning good looks. If you know, you know, as they say, and devotees of island music know his name. 

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And that's why news of his car crash has the fandom sending nothing but good vibes. Here's what we know about it all. 

1. He started his career at 18 years old. 

Like many from the Portmore district of Jamaica, Vershon — born Kemar Vershon Brown — grew up "hard." He was the product of a single-parent household and dropped out of school when he was a sophomore in high school. However, he wrote his first song when he was only 9 years old, and started his professional music career in earnest at the age of 18 years old, when he began recording himself out of his own studio and serving as his own self-taught engineer. 

2. Vershon had an issue with the Bermudian government. 

Over the summer, Vershon was booked to perform at a music festival on the island of Bermuda. However, upon his arrival at the airport in Bermuda, he was allegedly informed by officials that he was denied entry. As a result, his show at the BDA Music Festival was canceled. The reasons for Vershon's denied entry, however, weren't made clear. 

3. The Bermudian government had a different story. 

After Vershon's dust-up in Bermuda was revealed, National Security Minister Wayne Caines fired back and claimed that he, in fact, wasn't refused entry into Bermuda because he never visited the country in the first place. (Wait, what?) Caines went on to say that his office told Vershon's people that he needed a work permit to enter the country to perform — and he'd never obtained one. He also said that Vershon's name wasn't on any flight manifests to come into the country, and that no Jamaicans were turned away at the Bermuda airport when they'd arrived.

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4. Vershon's publicist offered an apology for the dust-up. 

"Our sincerest apologies and our co-operation in any investigating being carried out,” Shuzzr PR said in a statement, adding that they would assist with "any damages" done to Bermuda's reputation as a result of the dust-up. Shuzzr PR went on to say that as a result of Vershon's actions, he'd been released from their roster. (Shuzzr PR later retracted the statement and deleted it from their website.)

5. And Vershon went on the offensive. 

In response to Shuzzr PR's statement, Vershon went on the offensive, and blamed the entire Bermudian dust-up on the firm. "At no point did I enter Bermuda and subsequently left New York for Jamaica. On the 5th of August, a statement was erroneously put out by my publicist, causing embarrassment to me personally, the government and people of Bermuda, and to my fans. I want it to be categorically known at no point did the Bermudian government deny me entry into the country because I have never been there before,” he told the Jamaica Observer while offering an "unreserved apology" to Wayne Caines as a result of the dust-up. 

6. What are the details of his car accident? 

Two days ago, on December 1, 2019, Vershon found himself in the middle of another mess. The dancehall rising star took to Instagram to share that he'd been involved in a car accident, and said that he was resting as a result. Though rumors suggested that he'd suffered "serious injuries" that included internal bleeding, Vershon said that he was well on his way to recovery. 

We hope that Vershon gets well soon.

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