Should I Get A Dog? 7 Tests That Reveal Your Capability As A Pet Parent

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Should I Get A Dog? 7 Tests That Reveal Your Capability As A Pet Parent

Dogs are so amazing and they bring joy into every room they walk into. Owning a dog is a great idea because you have someone who you know will love you unconditionally, so it's natural to wonder: should I get a dog? 

How do you know if you should get a dog? Is there some sort of paper that shows up to your door or someone comes and leaves a bag of dog food to show that you have been chosen? 

Neither of those things will determine if you should have a dog, only you can! You’ve entertained the idea for so long that maybe it’s time you add another name to the holiday card. 

However, dogs aren’t toys and are a major responsibility, but if you’re reading this you’re already on the right mindset.

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Here are some ways to really tell if you’re capable of being a pet parent. 

1. You have taken the time to research 

Seeing videos about dogs being cute is one thing, but actually having that same dog in your house is another.

By doing the research behind different breeds and reading up on how they behave, what they enjoy and dislike, you’re going in the right direction. 

And doing research doesn’t stop there. If you live in an apartment, you have to look into if your office allows dogs in the apartments and if they do what the fee is. 

Other things to look into are the different veterinarians in the area and doggy daycares if needed. Make sure they are close enough in case of an emergency and read up on their reviews so you know your dog is getting the best of the best. 

You also have to keep an open mind when it’s time to pick your dog. The puppies at the front do look cute and are very small, but the older dog hidden in the back may be the one perfect dog. 

2. You know you have time in your day for a pet

Some people like the idea of a dog, but in reality, they know they can’t give their dog the time it needs. You, however, know you have a job that allows you to come home at a decent time to spend it with your dog. 

Having a dog is nice, but just having it to have it is not the best way to go. Knowing if you have the time is what makes the best dog owners, as they are able to show their affection and care for the dog and avoid neglect. 

3. Others in your life are okay with having a dog

If you live with roommates or with your family, the talk about having a dog has been a dinner table discussion for weeks or months. It’s one thing to bring in a dog, but it’s another to bring one in when other people who are sharing your space aren’t on board. 

If they are fine with it, the next step is to make sure they know how to handle being around a dog. Especially with children, as you don’t want your dog to snap at them on accident and you’re forced to bring them to the shelter again. 

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4. Getting up at any time is not hard for you

Just like a child, a dog could get into something very easily. And it’s different when it’s in the middle of the night. 

If you are someone who will be able to think fast when your dog goes bump in the night, then you should be good. Because you don’t want to wake up and find Fido was stuck in the pantry all night. 

5. You have proofed your house 

Dogs like to get in everything they think is interesting and smells different. But they won’t be able to get in anything that is dangerous if it’s hidden away. 

You understand the need to make your living space safe for your dog and are willing to rearrange things. Because it’s not about looks and convenience, it’s about making sure your dog doesn’t have access to something that could make them end up at the vet. 

6. Dealing with what comes out of your dog is something you’re okay with

Messes are something that just happens with a dog present. And this includes mud, dirt, water, and some more gross things that come out of both ends.

You are ready for a dog if you are okay cleaning up after the dog and not okay with the idea of neglecting messes. Now if dogs had the ability to clean after themselves that doesn’t include licking it up, then things would be easier. 

7. You have money saved for doctor’s visits and other dog-related expenses

Having a pet takes a lot of responsibility, and that includes spending money on them. This includes food, toys, beds, collars, treats, doctor’s visits, trainer fees, and occasional dog-sitting. 

But if you’re fine with spending money on your dog, then have no fear. You are ready for being a doggy parent.

Should you get a dog? 

Having a dog is nice, as you are committed to a friend for life. The good news is they are committed to you also without hesitation. 

But you have to take things into consideration before going through with having a dog. Because the idea of a dog is different than actually having one. 

Remember, they aren’t toys and can’t just be thrown around. But if you went through this list and got to the end without getting scared, then be prepared to welcome a new member to the family.

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Isabell Tenorio is a YourTango editorial intern.

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