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Who Is Lady A? Details About Anita White, The Blues Singer Being Sued By Lady Antebellum

Photo: Instagram / Anita White
Anite White Lady A

Country band Lady Antebellum made headlines recently after they announced on Instagram that they would be changing their name to “Lady A.”

Unfortunately, what seemed like a commendable effort to do their part in the reforms for racial justice sweeping across the U.S. has lead to a legal battle. The band formerly known as Lady Antebellum has filed a lawsuit against Seattle-based blues singer Anita White, who has gone by the name Lady A for the past several decades.

Although some applauded the country band’s move to change their name, the trio failed to realize that the moniker was already taken by White, who has been performing under the name for the last twenty years.

And while it was originally reported that the band and White initially had “authentic conversations” about the name change, they have now filed a counter lawsuit against her after she sued the band for use of the name.

Who is Lady A, and why is she being sued by the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum?


A post shared by LadyA (@ladya_bluesdiva) on Jul 3, 2020 at 9:58am PDT

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According to her Facebook page, “She is a National and International songstress, educator and songwriter. Lady A is like a good bowl of Gumbo... Best Served HOT!”

She was born in Seattle.

Anita White was born on July 18, 1958 in Seattle, Washington. According to her bio on her website, although she was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, “you can clearly hear the southern undertones in her music and lyrics.”

Lady A has been singing since she was five.

Lady A has been singing for most of her life and started performing in a Motown Revue band in the ‘80s as a backup singer.

She now performs as a solo singer, but she’s fronted multiple bands during her singing career. Some of the bands she’s sung in include Sweden's Top Dogs of Soul and The Netherland's band Blind Bart & the Visionarrie's.

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Lady A has four albums.

The 61-year-old blues singer has a total of four albums, which have all been released in the past 10 years:

  • BlueZ in the Key of Me (2010)
  • How Did I Get Here (2013)
  • Loved, Blessed and Blues (2016)
  • Doin' Fine (2018).

Lady A’s fifth album, Lady A Live in New Orleans, will be released on July 18, 2020 — her birthday.

White's first tour was in 2015.

Anita White produced her first mini-tour in 2015, which received widespread praise and critical acclaim from sold-out audiences in the Pacific Northwest. 

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Lady A has been called “the hardest working woman” in the Northwest.

After reviewing her third studio album, Rick J. Bowen called Lady A “one of the hardest working women of the Northwest music community."

Her Instagram bio also reads, “Lady A dubbed ‘The Hardest Workin Woman’ in Blues, Soul, Funk & Gospel; this powerhouse Diva brings a show like non-other.”

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