15 Quotes To Convince You To Start Loving Yourself Right Now

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15 Quotes To Prove Self-Love Is Important

You’ve heard the term “love yourself” frequently enough, but you may not be certain what it really means. Loving yourself seems like an abstract idea that doesn't really apply to you, right?

If you feel this way, it's common. Self-love is a concept that a lot of people struggle with, and for good reason. It can seem fairly confusing as to how and why it’s important, even though everyone seems to agree that whether you “like” yourself or not is a big deal.

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Is self-love pampering yourself with a mani-pedi? Getting that shirt you've been eyeing?

Or is it something more — like being able to spend time alone and single and be at total ease? Or having a cup of coffee with only yourself to keep you company and experiencing a sense of complete satisfaction?

At the base of loving yourself is liking yourself. Is being able to be at peace with yourself. So... Can you agree that you love yourself? Do you like yourself?

If you can’t readily admit to having a healthy dose of self-love, don’t fret. You can change the way you approach your relationship with yourself at any time — and now is as good a time as any.

The truth is that if you learn the type of love you need and you give it to yourself, you’ll know what kind of love you’ll need from every relationship you have in the future, whether it’s platonic or romantic connections.

How you treat yourself will set a precedent for how everyone else in your life is allowed to treat you, too.

But self-love is so much more than just self-care. Creating a boundary with how you talk to and interact with yourself is an important first step in the direction of self-love, which will teach you that you are enough.

When you can enter every relationship with your self-love cup full, you won't be looking for something to “fill” your needs. You’ll go in as a whole person who knows their worth; not someone who needs another person to tell it to them.

Self-love is beautiful and necessary. You are the most important person in your life, and that’s the way it should be!

You deserve love. You deserve respect and courtesy. And you should be giving those things to yourself, first and foremost, and here are some beautiful quotes to reaffirm to you that yes, you deserve those things right now and for the rest of your life.

Here are 15 quotes that will convince you that you need to start loving yourself right now.

1. Make yourself a priority.

“Decide that you are enough and watch what happens.” — Anonymous

2. Be brave.

“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” — Brene Brown

3. Know that you are worthy.

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” — Unknown

4. Don't be the person who destroys you.

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.” — C. JoyBell C.

5. Love what you see.

“Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror.” — Byron Katie

6. You are the most important thing in your life.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” — Lucille Ball

7. It's time for something new.

“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” — Louise L. Hay

8. Self-love is good mental health.

“Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It’s sanity.” — Andre Gide

9. Value yourself and your time.

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” — M. Scott Peck

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10. Self-love means never being lonely.

“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” — Mark Twain

11. No one's opinion of you should count more.

“Why should we worry about what others think of us? Do we have more confidence in their opinions than we do in our own?” — Brigham Young

12. It's the key to your happiness.

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” — Robert Morley

13. You won't have to live with regret.

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.” — Shannon L. Alder

14. You don't have to worry about attracting someone who won't love you enough.

“It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self-love deficit.” — Eartha Kitt

15. You'll just be happier and more fulfilled.

“No other love, no matter how genuine it is, can fulfill one’s heart better than unconditional self-love.” — Edmond Mbiaka

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